anyone else been there !

I'am not the 1st and won't be the last but sometimes just feels like it some days.....!!!

I'am Zoe and i'am 36 and have been trying for a baby for 3-4 years but only now been going to a consultant as nothing is happening, OH has stopped smoking and i've to go for a HSG x-ray and do the 21 day blood tests and wait and see they think i'll get pregnant now he's stopped smoking, he's also to get tested again in 2months time if i don't fall pregnant before...!!

To make matters Worse i've friends who are pregrant well one friend the other i've dropped as she so inconsiderate....!! excuse my spelling ! it makes my Blood Boil.....!!!



  • Well i went to book the x-ray and they told me it would have to wait till next month as the x-ray machine is getting Serviced......!! Cann't believe it !
    So no need to book nurse for blood test now have to move my smear test to next week cause i didn't know when my monthly would come as it's all over the place !! Fab Fun Not
    Well at least i've got another month of praticing before my next monthly but wonn't get my hopes up as i probably wonn't fall pregnant i'll just have to wait and see !
    If it was my Whippet bitches getting pregnant No-problem there, thought i'd put them on hold or to next year and work on my self got plenty of Shows to keep me busy this summer, thou do miss not having a Horsey at present cann't do it all......!!
  • Think i'am speaking to myself most of the time on this site and it's buging me !! some forum this is.........!!!
  • try the ttc forum its busier in there ,i dont know how many people really come on this forum ...good luck with ttc ,babydust your way image xxx
  • Hehe froal, I can feel your frustration, this forum is definitely a quieter one, I only tend to check in once every few weeks. I hope you found more support in the ttc forum, I can definitely recommend it xx
  • Hi Froal

    Try the TTC instead, its use by people of all ages and you'll get lots of support there. You could also try the long term trying one too, there's probably lots of ladies been through what you are currently going through.

    V xxx
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