38 and hoping to start a family


I am newly married to a much younger man and hoping to start a family ...it will be my first baby.

are we leaving it too late? i have no idea where to start ( apartfrom the obvious!!), please help!!

thank you ladies


  • hi, I'm also 38, my husband is in his 20's and we're having our first baby boy in 3 weeks time - it's always worth trying and keeping healthy - at our age, doctors will help if you've been trying for 6 months with no joy....good luck and hope all goes well!
  • Hi, I'm 36 and have also just got married to a younger man. We are trying for our first baby so once I realised that my luteal phase seemed a bit short, I went to my doctor and she referred me for 21 day bloods.

    MDBW and MrsAmanda - it's great to know that we "older women" can still conceive. From what we read you would think that it was impossible!!
  • Thanks for the support and the advice. My GP just said hurry up an get on with it !!

    I've read so much which scares the heebie jeebies out of me, but hearing positive stories on here does help boost my confidence about it all. Thank you everyone.
  • Good Luck- hope everything goes OK for you both !!
    I'm nearly 35 and expecting my 3rd. Caught easier in my 30's (3x) than in my 20's when I tried unsuccessfully for about 5 years.
  • All the best to you. I'm 43 and first baby due in 2 weeks. I have thoroughly enjoyed my pregnancy and can't wait to meet our little boy. Julie x
  • Hi there, good luck, Ihope all goes well. I am 38 (my DH olde rthan me) and I fell in the second month of trying. i had been on the pill for 10 years xx
  • hi
    i had my first at 21, 2nd at 23 and 3rd to 5th at 34, 36 and 38!!! I have 5 healthy kids and no real scares with test results etc... My only scare was my 3rd when my resuls came back 1 in 340. the cut off for referral is 1 in 250. It was close but after a detailed scan i was sure the baby had no abnormalities. Joseph was born on his due date safe and well.
    My last was traumatic as I had placenta previa and bled severeley at 35 weeks. Luckily Amelia and I were fine and after a week in SCBU she was home. She is now 10 months old and wonderful.
    good luck with TTC...thats the most fun!!!

    d xxx
  • Hi,
    I just wanted to respond to you. I am 38 almost 39 and had Zara in April this year.
    I have an older husband 43, and we were trying for 1 year after we got married before we managed to get pregnant.

    It is the best thing I have ever done. I had a healthy pregnancy and a healthy little girl now.
    I would start temping and getting to know your cycle, and take it from there.

    Good luck with baby dancing,
    Debbie and Zara
  • Hi
    I am 36, other half 45. I would like to start a family, too. It is a bit scary!
    Good luck! I hope everything will work for you.
  • Hi there and good luck! I'm 36 and have just stopped taking the pill after 20 years to ttc for the first time. It's very scary!
  • Lawso, take heart because after 17 years on the pill, I have just got a BFP at 36! x
  • Thanks Andipink and congratulations to you both on your BFP!!

    I've read so many stories on here and other sites about problems coming off the pill but we'll see, I only came off it a couple of weeks ago, so far so good.

    Age is also a worry and I know they issue all the reports for the right reasons but it's still not nice to see your reduced odds all of the time.

    Having said all of that, of course I know it can happen and I really hope that it does soon. My life has been taken over by BE and I think about it so much, I need to take a chill pill and relax a bit. Wishing you a H&H 9 months and Happy New Year xx
  • Hi there,

    I'm 36, my OH is 29, and I'm 28 weeks pregnant with my first child, due November. We started trying in November last year and much to our complete surprise and extreme delight I got pregnant in the February. We really thought that it would take much longer. I think it helps being with a younger man tee hee image

    I'll be 37 when the baby is born and both my dr and midwife don't think I'm too old at all. We were worried about this high risk of Downs so I had the Nuchal Scan with blood test and my risk came out as 1:5276!!!! I was absolutely amazed. So, it goes to show that we're still capable of having perfectly healthy babies even at our age!! image

    I really hope that you fall pregnant soon.

    Good luck!!

    Emily x
  • Its been soooooo long since I was on here, but thank you to everyone who replied.

    I am delighted to say I am now expecting a baby, at 39 and a half, and its due just as I turn 40 next year!

    It took us ten months to conceive and we had just been referred for IVF because of my age, when suddenly I fell pregnant.

    I am over the moon, heading towards my 20 week scan and feel so blessed. Thanks to everyone



  • Hi there, just seen your post. Many many congratulations !! I bet you are over the moon. I had just turned 39 when I gave birth this June.
    Enjoy every second of your pregnancy!

  • congratulations xxxxxx

    hope your good luck rubs off on me. I'm 38 and in my 2nd month ttc
  • Hi, I just saw your post ... I was 38 when I got pregnant with my first child and 41 with the second. You are definately not too late! Best of luck! Btw, my grandmother had her 7th at 42.
  • Hi there, I am 33 nearly 34 in March, and my hubbie is 48. We are 7 weeks pregnant with our first after getting married in August last year. I fell Pg within a week of TTC!
  • hi and congratulations

    I have just joined the website. Im 36 and got married in 2008 and we plan to start trying in afew months, ive just taken my last pill (yey!!),what a good feeling that was..

    I feel hopeful and excited, but a little aware it may take abit longer given my age.

    Many congratulations to you, how excited you must be

    woodfairy x
  • Good luck woodfairy!
    And don't worry about it taking ages because of your age. I'm 34 and also got pregnant 2 weeks after coming off the pill. Make the most of those few week straight after coming off the pill - I believe you can be even more fertile during that time! image
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