Termination - how soon to start to conceive for baby?

Hi there,

I am new here - due to unforseen circumstances I had a termination 2 weeks ago. We are now thinking of trying for another baby. How soon do you try? Why do they say you are quite fertile but to take precaution? Would love to hear from anyone who is in the same boat or can talk from experience.



  • hi darling, just dropping in from ttc. i also had a termination for certain circumstances around 3 years ago, they do say you are fertile after, which is very true, but be careful. its a bit like a miscarriage in that you need to let yourself return to normal and let your body relax. its also a good thing to chill out and deal with the emotional trauma you have gone through so that you can be in the right frame of mind for trying again. i know exactly how you feel, so look after yourself and lots of good luck hugs your way for the future xxxxxxx
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