trying again but scared :-(

Hi ladies,
I am a newbie on this website.
I had my son in May 2009. he was born at 28weeks due to placenta abruption. He weighed 3lbs. we were in hosiptal with him for 11 weeks but he is now a happy 13 month old weighing close to 20lbs!!

My husband and I are thinking of trying for another baby next month. I really really want another baby and would love nothing more than going full term but at the same time I am petrified I will have another preemie. The birth was not nice as had a lot of bleeding and went dizzy so had to be knocked out completley. I didn't get to see my son until the next day which was horrible.

My question is has anyone had premature baby but went on to have a full term baby? x x x


  • Hey Bexy
    My LO was only 5 weeks early and spent 10 days on SCBU for breathing difficulties.
    Hubby and I have a loose plan to start trying for baby number 2 at some point next year. I have the same thought, that I really hope we go full term this time.
    I obviously can't offer reassurance as I only have my little lady at 19 weeks. But you shouldn't let your worries stop you and hubby trying again. I'm sure the doctor/midwife will keep an eye on you throughout and if baby number 2 is too impatient to wait till 40 weeks then you'll deal with it just the way you have with you baby boy who as you said yourself is doing so well.
    Best of luck with ttc
  • oh hun I totally understnad your feelings.

    My lo was born 6 weeks early after spontaneous rupture of membranes and I was soooooooo worried about having a second premature baby. Before we ttc I went to discuss it with my GP and went through my birth notes in a Reflections sessiona the hospital. Basicallyt his reassured me that there was no obvious reason that this would happen again.

    So we went for it and very lucky to concieve first month of trying. Then the paranoia really kicked in with every twinge move etc as pregnancy went on I worried it was going to happen.

    I am happy to say I am currently 36+3 and have had a very happy and healthy pregnancy and if I reach 37 weeks I will have made it to full term!

    So I would seek medical advice as to what your risks are etc before you go for it and then make sure you get the support you need!
  • Like the others have said,i completely understand how you're feeling. I had my ds1 in May 2006 at 29 weeks due to PE. He weighed 2lbs 11,was in special care for 6 weeks and came home on oxygen and is now a fun loving 4 yr old who is starting school in Sep!!
    With my 2nd pregnancy i was closely monitored,seeing my mw every week and seeing my consultant once a month. I was completely paranoid up until 29 weeks (the week my ds1 was born)but after i passed this milestone i relaxed a little bit and started to actually enjoy the pregnancy!
    If you are at all worried then see your mw or Dr asap.
    Good luck with everything.x
  • My daughter was 5 weeks early and she is now 3 years old. With my 2nd baby I went to 38+5. I was nervous from about 33 weeks onwards but it was fine.

    Sam x
  • Hi hun, my daughter was born at 28wks (13weeks ago) due to pre eclampsia and i too had to have an emergency section via GA and like you didnt get to see her till she was more than 24hrs old..! We always said we wanted 3 children with 2 yrs between each... but after a horrific pregnancy/ birth i am petrified of having another premature birth but then on the other hand as she was our first it's all we know so i think having a normal birth and going full term will be a shock to the system in a totally different way!

    Good Luck with TTC, no 2 pregnancies are the same so there is no reason as to why you would have another preemie birth. I asked the Matron on SCBU and she says in the 18yrs she has worked there she has only ever seen 3 women who have had consecutive premature births!

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