I am bored!

I just want to go home, there is heardly any work to do and I am say here bored bored bored and have another hour to go before I can leave boo hoo

k xx



  • me too!!!!
    Ive had a bust up at work and just want to get out of here now!
    DOnt mean to rub it in, but i only have 15 mins to go!
  • Im bored too! Only 30mins to go but its 30mins too long if u ask me! xx
  • Ok you need something to pass the time, quickly...
    What do you do or what did you do if your a sahm?

    I'm a sahm but i used to be a call centre manager..bet you really hate me now!!!LOL

    Maxi xxx
  • i'm bored stuck at home at the moment, not even going to work tonight as i have a trapped nerve in my shoulder and can hardly do anything!
  • Same, had a really boring day and TBH i have been on here ALL DAY LOL!!! Where abouts are all of you?

  • Im an account mgr and im off home in 2 mins!
  • Lucky you, here take some baby dust with you lol xx
  • i work from home so i log off my comp and am home lol. its great. i do get bored though with nobody to talk to. i end up talking my oh head off when he gets in from work. he just wants a bit of quiet and i won't shut up.
    i was going to work till 5 today but got bored and logged off about 4.
    i hate it when your that bored you end up clock watching

    not long girlies and you can go home
  • Hi K-Lou, hope you are well. Not long to go now, its nearly 5pm!! Have a fab few days away x
  • Thanks girls, just had some work to do so that killed half an hour , only another 25 mins to go.

    I am off to Barcelona for three days so will get back on here on monday morning. I hope you all have a wicked few days and I want to see some BFP when i get back!!!!

    K xx


  • Have a fab weekend K-Lou x
  • Thank you sweetheart xx
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