I know its early days but....

what names do we all like? sorry im just trying to fill my evening image xx


  • I really like Beth for a girl, but our surname starts with a B so doubt that will ever work!

    Haven't thought of another boys name after having ds...really should though!
    How about you?!
  • i like jack for a boy and isla and halle for a girl!! We already have a boy with out favourite name so its really hard thinking of another one!!!

    whats yours??
  • Ooh, Jack's nice for a boy...but we already have JD (John Daniel) so that prolly wouldn't work either...too similar if we ever actually do call him John! It's been JD since he was born!
    Know what you mean about trying to think of another though...I liked Adam for a while but gone off that now...
  • my 2 that i keeo coming back to are Nairn for a boy and Mirron for a girl,i also like lily rose after my gran image

    i already have a Lennon
  • Our surname starts with a C so anything with a C or K is out!!! i really like kai for a boy and kyla and kara for girls but they just do not go!!!
  • I have a Beth! Well she's a Bethany but we call her Beth, or Bee
  • Really stuck on girl names but for boys I like Joseph, Thomas, George, Theodore / Teddy.

    I had a girls name picked out since the age of 16 and 2 weeks ago my sis had a little baby girl and named her it! xx
  • Kai would be out for me, my brother's dog is called it...(sorry!)
    Kyla is really nice though...might have to steal that one! Although I prefer boys so am hoping for another son! Not that I would care one bit if I had a daughter!

    Bethany Barrett...hmmm, perhaps not!
  • Ooh you know I was in the bath earlier and was thinking about this. Girls names DH and I are agreed on, it would either be Stella or Rosheen. Boys...the ones that I like that DH finds 'tolerable' are Dexter and Caleb. I also like Archie but think its getting a bit too commonplace, as you may have guessed I like more unusual names!
  • ooo i think bethany barrett is lovely image xxx
  • Really?! Not too many B's?!

    I like Joseph but have loads in our family. We like Harry for a boy but worried people might think its after Harry Potter...it isn't! With George for a middle name after my late grandad.

    I used to go to school with a Rosheen but it was spelled (spelt?!) Roisin. Lovely name :\)
  • that sounds nice together!! it would be JD and BB which is cute!!!

    hubby likes malakai for a boy so thinking that could be his name and we just shorten it to Kai!! i really don't like malakai though!! our little one is Ethan so it needs to be a strong name to match!!!

  • not too many names at all - i think ethan is lovely - my 1 and half year old nephew is called Henry - I love it image and my nieces are Olivia, Amelia, Erin and Phoebe xx
  • You could suggest it as a middle name? Not sure what it would go with though! It's very unusual...isn't there somebody on Hollyoaks called it? Sorry, slightly o/t there!

    I'm changing my mind about Beth here as well...no idea on a middle name though - my mam only has her first name and I always felt sorry for her when I was young as I thought she hadn't been loved enough to have a middle name :lol: ain't kids stupid?!
  • i love harry but by neices mum (my bro's ex) just had a boy and called him harry!!!
    I love olivia and amelia but we have friends with those names!! grrrr!!

    quite like max aswell!!
  • Cor you have a lot of nieces & nephews there Kate!! Can't believe your sister stole the name! Or didn't she know you liked it?

    We kept ours secret from our family when we were expecting so its nice to be able to talk over the Beth thing with somebody - dh still wanted girls names to be kept quiet in case we had a girl next time round! Difficult though!

    Which niece is the newborn? x

  • Max is nice, alot of people around me have children, and im getting worried all the nice names will be taken when its my turn lol xx
  • Don't worry, you'll get that BFP very soon and then you can use a name before somebody else and they can sit here and have the same conversation! But not with us, because we will all be over in pregnancy celebrating our BFPs!!! PMA, PMA, PMA!!!
  • right on garfield lots and buckets of pma for us all!!
  • Well I lost my PMA earlier today when my cramps returned suddenly, thought it was gone for good but suddenly its back in abundance so sharing the love!!

    PMA and baby dust to all!! And no, I haven't been drinking! lol
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