im out :(

well ladies, on to month 2 for me image
i know its early days but im gutted! now where's the chocolate!!!



  • awww huni ((( hugs )) i know how gutting it is, im waiting for AF and if she comes im onto mth 4!! and i hve 2 kids already so y aint i fallin lol x
  • i never realised just how much ttc affects ur emotions. ive had a good cry and looking forward to my first month with my cbfm and pressing that m button tomorrow. xxx
  • Ahhh, Kels im sorry huni.
    At least you got a cbfm for next month? Something new to try to keep your sprits upimage Were all here 4 u!!xxxx
  • Oh Kels, sorry to hear that hun. I have scoffed non stop since AF arrived as well! I must get my arse into gear as I've put on almost a stone since getting married! It does make you feel better though (I've still got 3 caramel slices left...Ooooo afternoon brew and a slice sounds tempting!)

    Did I remember you saying you have a cbfm? I'm on cd3 now and can't wait to get started bd'ing again. I've read really good reviews on it.

    I know you probably feel crap today hun but come on we'll all be positive together!

    Lots of hugs hun x

    Ha Ha I didn't realise it automatically puts **** where you say naughty words! Oppsss sorry BE! x

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  • Ahh I sobbed my heart out last night, I watched My sisters keeper. DH arrived home from work so I watched the rest of it this morning and cried buckets into my cornflakes! Sometimes good to have a good old cry though!
  • Thanks ladies, just cant wait to push that m button now tomorrow, and for that feeling when u know ur ov'ing.
    oh the joys of ttc eh?!
  • its rubbish isnt it nowmrsbailey. i though we had dont it this month, esp as witch started off brown and made me think it could of been implantation.
    soooo gonna have a large glass of wine with my sunday dinner. xxx
  • Really sorry, kels image (((hug)))
  • sorry to hear that hun, good luck for next month hun, keeping fingers crossed 4u image xx
  • Oh sorry to hear that hun, and u too mrs bailey keep your pma going fingers crossed it happens soon x
  • Sorry to hear that always sucks! Good luck with your CBFM this month though xx
  • Awww sorry Kelly.x Havent been on here or fb for few days so bit out of the loop at whats happening wiv everyone. xxx Ill av to go on there later to see whats going on.xxxx (((big hugs)))
  • nowmrsbailey, i also feel for all ladies out there been ttc for months - dont know how u all do it, its sooo hard when u see witch has arrived.

    Nic - i was away from it all last week while on nights, but will be good to see u back on here and fb.

    Thanks so much everyone, ur support means so much, being on here is the one thing keeping me sane while ttc! lol.

    Had some wine and a big sunday dinner with family and feel alot better now image xxxx
  • sorry she got you chick xx

    mooker i have an old post where we spent about 4 pages worth or swearing just see if everything got **** was hilarious x
  • Hey hun I was the same last Thursday the witch got me right on schedule...currently in CD5 of a 39 day cycle so just waiting for her to buggar off again....going for the relaxed approach this month though....this is month 2 for me also and last month I drove myself mad with all the symptoms etc so thought I would just see what happens this and OH are on holiday during my fertile days so hoping we will both be nice and relaxed....although he did order some pre-seed yeaterday so just going to use that as heard some good reviews on it.....but I know what you mean I very very emotional Thursday and Friday cried loads but it does have such a massive effect on your emotions. Good Luck for this month bab xxxxxx
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