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ok so ive been major thinking these last few days, im 6DPO, and for the last 2-3 days ive had sore nipples, and been feeling sick, it may just be a coinsidence so im not getting myself too excited as i thought it was too early... i have read online (and so have others that you cant get PG symptoms b4 implantation) well... i was just thinking and looked up chem pregs, (where the egg fertilises but does not implant) and some people get a faint BFPs from a chem preg.... so therefor your body must produce HCG b4 implantation, otherwise these girls would not be getting BFPs? and would be no such thing as a chem preg?

so basically what im saying is, i think your body does produce HCG b4 implantation, so my symptoms may actually be real? and that you may be able to feel symptoms b4 actual implantation? anyone agree with this or see where im coming from? i feel like im going mad and just trying to justify my symptoms, but i think that makes sense? xxxx

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  • I see what you mean me. I'm keeping my fingers crossed your symptoms are your BFP xx
  • As i understand that chemical pregnancy does mean that it got fertilised and implanted but then they miscarry. But usually it is very early and sometimes before AF thats why it is chem PG.

    So there will be HCG but in low quantity.

    Some PG women do say they felt PG since 1DPO, but could it just be coincedence ??
  • thanks fancy shoes, ahhhhhhhh riham i see, i thought chem preg was no implantation? that makes sense then, thanks hun, yeah im thinking it has to be too early for symptoms surely? i spose only time will tell? xxxxx
  • but u can implant early as 5 or 6 DPO image so lets hope its ur month

    Good luck hun ... baby dust ****
  • i really hope so! eeeeek! probly just wishful thinking tho xxx
  • What is a Chemical Pregnancy?

    A chemical pregnancy occurs when a fertilized egg does not implant into the uterine wall. If a pregnancy test is taken just at the right time it will be positive, however, when a repeat test is taken several days later it will be negative. A chemical pregnancy leaves the couple to cope with the difficult news of thinking they were pregnant when in reality they are miscarrying. However, majority of women who have a chemical pregnancy never know they are pregnant before they miscarry and begin what they think is their normal menstrual cycle.

    Signs and Symptoms of a Chemical Pregnancy

    Due to the fact that in a chemical pregnancy a fertilized egg does not implant into the uterus most women do not experience signs and symptoms of pregnancy (ie. tender breast, nausea, and / or fatigue). There are a few reports of women who have been pregnant in the past who state that they felt pregnant with their chemical pregnancy. There may be mild abdominal cramping as well as mild spotting just prior to what most women think is their normal menstrual cycle. The menstrual cycle usually begins on time or a few days late.

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  • Also how certain are you of the day you ov'd? I know you dont use opks, so you could have ov'd a couple of days earlier than you thought, meaning that your symptoms would be spot on!!! Oooh, we could get our BFPs together!!!!! image

    When are you testing? I'm 8dpo (possibly 9) xxx
  • Sounds good, Ive got my fingers crossed for you!

  • could be garfield.... mmmm didnt think of that! omg im starting to get excited, and i mustnt! lol. im so frightened that its all in my head. or its just from ov, im having pulling feelings too. i really hope we do get our BFPs! thanks MPP, and gemma118 thanks for that, so your body must make hcg b4 implantation.. its making me feel all hopefull! *squeels* xxxxx
  • Just don't you go testing early!!! It's too soon for that if you're right and are only 6dpo.

    I think I may have to slap you soon... :lol:
    I'm giving myself a rough cycle length of 27 days this month, so will be testing this weekend I think if no sign of af. CD27 will be sunday so means I can do it with hubby. When were you thinking of doing it?

    How cool would it be though?! image
  • hhaahaha im promise i wont test early no matter how desperate i am! good luck for testing, im testing 27th (15 dpo) just incase i OV'd late as im not so sure when i did so 1 week and 2 days.... seems forever! xxxx
  • Good Luck - keeping everything crossed for you.x
  • chem pg is really when there is no heartbeat yet, so a very early miscarriage
    still hoping you get your BFP this month xx
  • oooooo i see, thanks shuck!
  • Hi *me* I definitely got symptons before implantation! I know I had an implantation bleed the day my AF was due and as you know I was getting symtpns quite a long time before that so it looks good honey. I didn't get sickness that early but definitely everything else xxx
  • oh ok i misunderstood image

  • ooooooooo im really hoping! thanks riham and beckywoo!
  • Both times I was pregnant I was ill from around 7 dpo- like throwing up, sense of smell like a sniffer dog and everything.
    The first time we weren't trying but we went to Rome and I threw up the entire time. After got my bfp I looked back over dates at when af was, we bd'd etc and realised I was a week pregnant when went away. The 2nd time I took test few days early but was just a formality- I just knew I was.\
    Soooo good luck image
  • thanks mummychop! i really hope thats like me! xxxxx
  • Fingers crossed for you hun x x
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