Small rant alert

I am currently CD9 & trying to keep up my PMA as much as possible as we are trying the SMEP this month,
but everywhere I look there are adverts for Pregnancy Tests or Mum To Be vitamins...Its like they are taunting me :S Yes I would really like to use them if I could ever *get* pregnant.

I know its probably because I'm so tired, which is not helping with TTC but its just getting on my nerves.

Know its a pointless post but I just needed to rant.

Thanks girlies!

:\) x x


  • Hi Curls
    I am on CD 11 and feel the same if that helps!
    I think EVERYONE I know is pregnant (not true but feels like it!!)
    I join you in the rant xxx
  • Thanks MrsCake,

    It does help!!! I know what you mean, *everyone* I know is pregnant too :lol:
    Well thats what it feels like in my mental baby head!

    This is the only place I cen vent about things like that...OH is always busy at work so don't like to bother him with such small things!

    x x x
  • ha ha! I love the 'mental baby head' comment as that is me!! My brain is totally consumed with baby thoughts, I'm glad people can't read my thoughts!
    At work I find myself typing 'ovulation pains' or some other baby thing into google and can't stop myself!
  • Tell me about it...I didn't go out for lunch today & spent half an hour on BE as I just couldnt help it! No wonder I'm so bloody tired, I'm always on here!

    Really need to stop as at some point, someones gonna catch me! image xx
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