Anyone?? Should I test earlier??

Evening all!!
I have had one AF since withdrawal and a cycle of 40 days. I am currently on CD20 of 2nd cycle and had EWCM on days 14 - 16 and cramps days 14 - 20 (today!). If EWCM was OV at 14ish days, does anyonethink I should POAS on day 28 - 30 ish if no AF or shall I wait until CD40??:\?

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  • I think you should POAS on 28-30 image - could be that your cycle is settling down and if in doubt POAS :LOL:

    Good luck xxx

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  • Hmmm, with those signs I would say there is no harm in testing early, but dont be disappointed if you get a bfn - just test again at cd40!! good luck, it sounds hopeful!! x
  • I agreee with the others, test on cd 30 but dont be disappointed if you get a bfn, but also test on cd40. You only need to look at Joo's post when she got a bfp only a day or so after her bfn.
  • Thanks guy -you have gone along with my thoughts!! I had a chat with a close friend today and she agreed too. Test on CD30 - 32 ish, and if BFN leave till CD40 or after!! I am going to do that I think - in which case, if no AF I will be testing for the 1st time on Thursday or Friday next week!! Straight after my accountancy exams !!

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