OH having second thoughts...AGAIN!

I love him to bits but he keeps doing this!

Last night he told me that he wasn't sure if we were ready for TTC. Well the past couple of times he's said this I've let him have his way and we've given up for a while but last night I fought for our TTC status :lol:!

I told him that I think he's just scared and thinking things through WAY too much (not even sensibly, he's scrutinising every little thing) and eventually he agreed. He says that when I say that I think we're ready he truly believes that we are (aww).

So I *think* we're okay and still on the TTC train...BD'd last night (after the discussion) and again this morning - both high days on CBFM so yay.

Aaah men. Gotta love 'em


  • ah honey he's probably just panicking you ,know what men are like!
    its really scary and life changing having a baby, men think with their heads and not with their hearts like us woman!
    once your preggy he will be just as excited as you, deep down they are all just big softies! xxxx
  • Good news that he still BD'd after your discussion as he obviously felt reassured. It's hard when you are so definite and OH has his doubts. Well done hun for fighting for ttc! xx
  • Aaah Mrs Waggy I'm sure you're right! Got a big kiss from him this morning before he went to work, a cup of tea brought up to me in bed and a "I love you" as he walked down the stairs so I reckon he's over the worst (OH isn't usually as mushy as that, that's all me)! He is thinking with his head unfortunately. He's being overly sensible :lol: I just said to him that we're always going to have a reason NOT to have a baby and right now our reasons aren't that troublesome so why can't we just go for it. It seems to have done the trick for now!

    Wispa I fought, I fought hard! Haha aaaaah it just feels that I'm so involved in this now. Giving up would kill me :lol: well maybe not that drastic but it would certainly put me in a grump for a long, long time! Plus I'm having way too much fun with my CBFM. Why give up now? :lol:
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