Bleeding mid cycle??

Hi girls Im cd17 ( I think!) had a bit of spotting this evening after the loo whe I wiped. It was sort of threads of red blood in mucus ,very little. I dont like it! Was thinking it could maybe an irritation after bding??Like theres a little cut? Def not implantation as im pretty sure I oved yest after the positive opk on Monday night. After mmc and suspected chemical preg any bit of blood freaks me out!
Does aynone spot when they ovulate?


  • hey hun didn't want to read and run - i've heard that some people can spot when they ovulate. i haven't had it but i have heard of it.
    if you are worried about it or get any more maybe ring NHS?
    lots of pma hun xx
  • I had it this month hun, cd17 too, but i didnt ov til cd25....prob is irratation hun xxx
  • Thanks mrs e, I live in NI so NHS Direct doesnt cover here! Pity cos it seems like a great service!

    Woomummy, thanks youve reassured me I will probably freak out at every little thing until I get a take home baby!
  • i had it hun not last sunday but sunday before and then again on the monday, sure its nothing to worry about, my cm was really stringy with it so i think maybe was ov? xxxx
  • No probs fran, know where your coming from, the thought of doing a pg test is making my stomach churn at the guna wait til monday, but pretty sure shel be here on time this month xxxxxx
  • Hi Fran
    some ladies do get an OV bleed or it may be irritation as you say. If it happens again next month then def get it checked. In the meantime and sending tons of babydust and PMA for you. Take care.
    Filo x
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