Are you ok hun, Just read your post in K-Lou's thread. You sound really fed up. Hope your ok hun!


  • Hiya Im fine, just had a few off days, before this weekend I have been really happy and relaxed but now Im thinking how Im going into month 9. When we first started ttc I thought I would be having a baby in July, how niave was I? LOL
    Congratulations on your BFP babe, really chuffed for ya!
    Have you been getting many symptoms?
  • You poor thing. Are you trying for your first? 9 months that sucks! I must admit we have only been trying 3 months and I feel very lucky but it did feel like ages so I can't imagine how you must feel xx Thanks for the congrats, that must be hard for you. I feel fine actually, had no symptoms other than AF symptoms, I was convinced we had not done it actually. I have had lots of abdominal cramping feels very strange like my insides are moving, don't like it much but I won't complain. Really tired, but did have late night last night. Oh and it is like I have been sucking keys, gross!

    I think we are all really niave. You hear all too often about accidents and unplanned pg's in reality it is an emotional rollercoaster. I really hope you get yours soon xx
  • oops double post x

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  • Sending you hugs Fiona. TTC is very emotional isn't it? Keeping everything crossed for you......maybe a spring bubs instead? x x
  • thanks girls, trying for our second. our daughter was an accident so this has come as a big shock! its not always this tough as obviously i have my little girl to keep me busy but it doesnt stop me from wanting a baby any less and love her to be a big sister
    Im dreading af arriving next monday but I know she will as definatly havent done it this month, dont feel pg AT ALL..
    I do keep thinking though how lovely it would be to have a spring baby
    x x x
    x x x
  • We have everything crossed for you xx
  • i know exactly how you feel, fingers crossed for you too xx
  • thankyou x x x
  • fi dont give up hope honey, its not over yet, are you feeling any better this week? xxxxxxxx
  • hi im fine now just had a few bad days as you do! ive got loads of spots this month - not happy with that.
    Felicity has been unwell since sat, i hate it when shes ill especially when she coughs in the night I worry. There is no need to worry its quite silly but I cant help it. xxx
  • Im so the same, izzy had a bad cough a couple of months ago, and i used to get up every time she coughed to check she wasnt choking!!!! its what mothers do, dont feel silly about it image

    glad you feel a bit better hun, i kinda know how u feel, i havent been trying so long but since both the girls weren't planned it feels so strange having to try to get pregnant, i ignorently just thought it happened!!! so much for our parents saying it only takes once!!! image it'll happen soon i hope, and we still dont know this month yet xxxxx
  • I know what you mean, before I found this site I thought you could get pg any time of the month and that as soon as we have an 'accident' I would magically be pregnant!!! funny looking back on how niave I was! xxx
  • i know so did i, i didnt know u only could get pg in 24 hrs etc, how any one gets pg by accident is a bloody miracle!! LOL xx
  • well felicity was a bloody MIRACLE!!! lol for me to miss the pill for a few days, its the same chance as winning the lottery
  • i know exactly so was Izzy LOL!!! god we need another MIRACLE!!!!! Its about time they are both 2 1/2 they'd be perfect little mummys!!! my friend just had her baby last week i was so jealous, she is so beautiful just remembering the excitement of having a baby and seeing her for the first time, god it actually making me tearful just writing it!!! image xxx

  • oh I know, whenever I hear somone in the family has just had a baby I wish it could be me, although noone has had one since Nov! felicity would be so helpful, im going to get her a t-shirt that says 'Im the bg sister', think I saw one before in pink hehe... I have been going through all the pics of her as a baby and remembering what it was like, the first day we brought her home,I really really miss the excitement and mixed emotions of it all. xxxx

  • yea exactly, i remember when we were leaving the hospital and got in the car i was absolutley in tears so scared that something was gonna happend on the way home i would let OH drive over 30 the whole time!!! xxxx

  • I remember the drive home, I was just staring at her I was so happy. When we got home at 2pm she was still asleep in car seat so I put her on floor next to our bed whilst I had a nap. Oh went out to buy me flowers and a card. I woke up and it was dark (4pm i think - Jan) and I freaked out. Think for a split second I forgot I had a baby then I saw her and I burst out crying. Think because no lights were on, oh was out and worried that she was sleeping for so long.
    what was your labour like? xXx
  • oh bless you image labour was good (well as good as labour can be!!) i woke up at 2am with TMI... the s**ts!! and had contractions from 3am every 5 mins, went up to hopital at 7am, then had an examination at about 8am where my waters broke all over the midwife LOL! at that point i was 7cm dialated and then had her at 11.08am so the actual hard labour was prob about 3 hrs, so not to bad really was all pretty straight forward izzy was the wrong way round so i had contractions in my back instead of my stomach which made it more painful and the lady gave me pethadin and i had gas and air, what about you? isnt it funny 2 1/2 years on and i remember it like it was yesterday image xxxx

  • I was getting mild contractions now and then from the wednesday through to friday, they got stronger friday night and byt midnight it was time to go to hospital. I had an examination at 1.30 I was only 4cm dilated they said I could either go home or go to maternity ward to sleep. I was like no way because OH and mum would have had to leave me and I just knew I didnt have long. So waited around contractions getting stronger had another examination, then went onto labour room at 3 where I started using gas and air and contractions more painful. They asked if I would like to use the pool to relax so I went in there, so lovely, had a weightless feeling which really helped. Just used the gas and air as didnt want any pain relief. My waters didnt break until a few minutes before she was born and I gave birth in the pool at 11.11am!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Blood everywhere because cord snapped so OH couldnt cut that. So hard labour was quite long probably for 8hrs.
    What did she weigh??? xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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