I am out this month x

Morning Girls

I went to see my nurse today as i have just changed over doctors and she was sooooo nice. I am sooo pleased as the last two doctor's I have been with were horrid. This place is clean and everybody is sooo friendly.

Anyway both my hubby and I were asked to bring a urine sample, I told her we were trying and so on and said I was 13DPO and she asked if I would like her to test for me so i said yes and it was a BFN.

I actually feel really ok about it, it was more the waiting to know that was killing me. I am happy to move onto next month this is only my second try so on to month 3 for meimage

I did tell the nurse however I had a small lump on my cervix and she said i should not be checking at all and should keep my finger out of there LOL she said you can pass all sorts of infections doing that even though i wash my hands.
K xx


  • onwards and upwards! my hubby actually wants it to take a while so he gets more bding!!
  • Shame for your BFN, still onwards and upwards. I wouldn't worry about checking your cervix though, as long as you wash your hands it's no more risky than putting a willy up there!
  • Thanks girls, I really think i am going to try and be a bit more chilled about it this time. I did say this last time and when we were actually bd-ing I was much more relaxed but then all stressed again on the 2ww.

    I am just going to bd every other day from when my next period finishes till the end of my cyc really. If we can that is lol

    I am just going to wait for AF now I mean it might not be another 28 days i could be waiting longer for it this time so we will see image



  • Hi K-lou, sorry to hear about your BFN hun, but it aint over until AF arrives..chin up hun.

  • I would still do a test in a few days time. maybe your hcg levels weren't high enough?
    I tested quite a few days after my boobs hurt as thought it was sign of af and only got faint line at first......
  • aaaw hunni, I wouldn't give up hope yet, its not over until AF arrives. Some people don't get their positives until well past 14DPO, mine was 13DPO, Baby B's was 14DPO etc...

    good luck anyway and try and stay chilled and positive xxx
  • Nevermind K-Lou, if its any consolation i am out this month too, af found me a week before i thought i was due on, god damn it, so my pg test still sits in its box till next month, and its on to month 2 for us, i have faith that it will happen for us soon xx
  • Sorry it found you as well Nina ;-(

    Thats the thing when it will be it will be i guess? I really thought i had done it this time but never mind image

    k XX

  • oh no i really thought you had done it this month babe, you just waiting for af now? keep your PMA for next monthxx
  • I agree - it's still not over. It could just be too early.
    As Joo said (well remembered Joo!) I only got my bfp on 14 dpo. And even then the line was soooo faint.

    It's not over until af arrives. I will keep my fingers crossed for you xx
  • Thanks girls image Yeah hubby keeps saying to me it;s not over yet Af has to turn up but i just feel it you know. I wont test tomorrow 14DPO I will do one more test on saturday and then when thats neg I will wait for good ol AF to come LOL

    I do feel like a weight has been lifted off me though now I know. At least i can have a drink this weekend for my mum's party image

    K xx
  • Aw mate she is out in force this month! Chin up for next month and well it is fun trying!
  • thanks socks I am going to try and enjoy the bding much more this timeimage

    K xx
  • Hi K, sorry you got that bfn. I'm out too af found me yesterday, but today is the dreaded CD 1! Was so convinced June was my month! Into July we both go! xx
  • July is a good month honey you will seeimage I want to try and do a few things differently next month so i am hoping every little thing will helpimage

    K xx


  • Sorry to hear that K-lou, although until your af arrives you never know...

    Anyway, as you said on the plus side you can have a drink at your mums party - have a nice big glass of wine that always makes things seem better! xx
  • Wait til af comes before you get too downhearted hun. Fingers crossed that it was just too early.xx
  • Yeah I have an increase in Cm which has been dry for thelast 4 days so that has given me a little hope as I have never ever had that before.

    k xx
  • My sister used three different brands of pregnancy tests and they all came up negative, then on the same day she bought a different one - think it was a Sainsburys cheapy one - and it was positive and my niece is now two. Im sure that the majority of tests are accurate but its worth bearing in mind, as changing brand could give a different result x
  • Im out to hun as af turned up. Really thought we had done it this month with having pink cm on monday.
    As your af hasnt turned up yet, hang on in there. I know people whos af have been days late do they have tested and got a BFP.
    Its not over til its over girl!!!!!!
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