prenancy tests...a little help please

after a little break, me and oh are ready to start ttc again and we are hoping we have done it this month. im due on sunday, but have been quite sickly etc for the past few days.... anyway to the point. i have ordered some tests that are 10mlu (not sure if thats the right word at end lol) when would i be able to use these to test? shud b here in the morn.what are the shop ones....are they 20? im really confused and couldnt find info on the net. i dont want to use them too early if theres no chance of its showing... any help would be great girls x


  • Not quite sure but wanted to say good luck-hope you get that bfp this week!x
  • Hi hayleybaby and welcome back to ttc. I think the lower the number the earlier you can test. I believe the CB and First response ones are 20 or 25 so i'm guessing that if you've got 10 ones coming you'll be able to test at least 4 days early so FMU on Wednesday. TEST TEST TEST!!!! Good luck.
  • I think SLOW is right, you can test up to 4 days early with the tests you're getting and get a positive result! I say test, if it BFN then wait 48hours then test again as it might just be too early to detect! Oooohh, it's exciting, let us know how you get on!!!! Good Luck xxxx
  • Welcome back Hayleybaby. Good luck with the test.
  • I have also bought these tests and they say you can test from 6-7 dpo. Not so sure myself. Maybe it is just a ploy to get you to use and buy more. Would definatly say you could use them 4 days early.
  • 6-7 dpo thats very early. they arent here yet though! i really do hope they come for 2morra! i got them form accessdiagnostics, 10 for ??9.99 with free shipping and i think you get free ov tests too. if i do get my bfp then ill be sure the send someone the rest of the tests!...if there are any left. lots of sticky baby dust to you all image xxx
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