coud i be pregnant? help ladies!!!!!

hi everyone,
so basically me and oh havnt been ttc this month as i had laprosocopy about 6 weeks ago and just wanted to give my body time to get back to normal.
sorry if tmi but we have been using a condom all month and occasionally just used the pulliing out method. my af is now 2 days late
i know when i ovulated but cant remeber if we bedded then or not.
maybe im just bein paroniod but if by some miricle i am pregnant my oh might think i have been up to no good. WHICH IS NOT TRUE!!!!
what do you think ladies, am i just being paronoid? it might seem stange me not wanting a bfp this month but i just dont want oh to think bad things of me.
oh and i had some brown discharge which i usually get followed straight by af but that was about 3 or 4 days ago and now i just have cm, sorry again if tmi!!!

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  • Hi hun

    I hope it is your BFP as I know youve been through a bit of an ordeal lately.

    Test hun and that way would put your mind at rest, am sure your oh wont think bad things of you and remember sometimes it happens when you least expect it to and only takes the once he he!!

    Good luck, fingers crossed for you

  • Hey Hun! I am trying to remember how my afs were after my lapascropy I have a feeling that they were a little messed up for a month or so so try not to worry yourself to much but like sparkling diamond said the only way to be sure is to test! I am sure if it is bfp you oh will be thrilled!
  • Hi hun,

    I fell pg in april off the withdrawal method! It is possible and it does happen! I was shocked to the core, but sadly it ended in mc.

    I didn't consider that my OH might think i'd being playing away and I don't think he did either. He was just over the moon.

    Good luck, hope its your BFP!
  • will buy a test later and let u all no it shudnt matter if its not my fmu should it as my af is 3 days late 2day??? xx
  • If you buy a twin pack you can do one this afternoon and one with fmu image just to be sure!

    Look forward to the announcment!!

    Good luck
  • good luck, let us no how u get on.

  • Have you tested? :\) Fingers crossed for you.
    We're supposedly more fertile up to 3 months after a mc.

    :lol: I typed fingers frossed 1st time round, no idea why! Im glad i noticed it.

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