Now I am confused!!!

I have just got back from the doctors and I am really confused.
I saw my normal doctor this time who is soooooo understanding, caring, has children the same age as mine and is in his early 40's (quite dishy too) lol
He has told me that just because my blood test came back so low, it doesnt mean im not pregnant.
He has arranged for another blood test on 28th may and wants me to go back to see him when I get the results. He said to just keep having sex in the meantime and if I manage to conceive before 28th, it may show up on blood test.
He really listened to what I had to say. My OH, who has a different doctor, was really impressed with my doctor.
He also said that there could be other reasons that ive missed my periods so he is testing everything at the same time.
I will definately stick to this doctor in future.


  • fingers crossed for u,least u no u've got a good doctor now.x
  • I just think what ever happens, happens.

    The doctor I saw today is the doctor I saw with my other 2 pregnancies and he was brilliant.

    He is a brilliant doctor and very compassionate about his work.
  • What great news babymonkey, at last it sounds like somebody on here has found a good gp. He sounds very caring and understanding. xx
  • He sounds like a fab GP, where does he mork i think i'll move so i can come to your practise!!! Good luck with the results.
  • He sounds smashing. I so hope those blood tests show you are pg, but if they dont I really admire your 'what will be will be' attitude. Good luck!!xx
  • Does sound very confusing for you babymonkey. Hang in there!!! Like everyone says at least you know you have a great gp you can feel confident in.
    good luck
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