Shouldn't have told everyone!!

Hi Guys, I am getting really annoyed with myself for telling people we were going to start ttc. Now everyone asks everytime I see them. Two people I know have also come off the pill and been pregnant within 3 weeks and they keep saying come on you need to hurry up! I'm trying!!!! However I am still waiting for my first af 70 days on and think it could take forever at this rate! Shouldn't have said anything!!!


  • Don't worry to much hun, i find even though i've not told anyone i'm ttc that people still ask!! I can't think of anything more rude than people asking if you and oh are having unprotected sex !!!
    And cos noone knows i'm ttc they make me feel like i'm a bad mother for condeming my lo to being an only child!!

    You can't win!! maxi xxx
  • Hi love you and i have been trying for the same amount of time I think. I did that, told people we were going to try, it's not so much that I am not preg yet or that it will take time that i am worried about them knowing- as that is life, but it's like you said the fact they ask every time we see them and it chips away at me as I know there is nothing I would love more but I am not.

    Chin up honey

    K xx
  • I know what you mean, we have only recenlty told our parents and someone in the street greeted my mil the other day with 'i hear Chris & Sara are ttc'. It was a friend of a mum of our friends. How rude, thought our close friends would be able to keep there mouths shut. Good job we' told our parents!!
  • Wow, SLOW that is soooooo rude!!!

    I haven't told anybody that we are ttc but like Maxi says, we still get asked all the time and it is really hard. I lose count of how many times I was asked if we're going to have children a couple of weeks ago when I was at a wedding with lots of family friends. I had to just bite my cheeks and smile and say 'hopefully one day...'

    Mini, so sorry also that your AF has still not arrived. I know how you're feeling. chin up hon xxx
  • Klou- we have been trying the same amount of time- i'll race you! I think what i need to do about af is organise a lot of things that i would hate to have af appear at, like swimming and outings wearing white trousers....then she will come...the nasty witch!
  • people are so insensitive sometimes. don't let it get to you chuck.

    SLOW - i can't believe what comes out of some peoples mouths sometimes. they obviously don't think first. As if you'd say that to someone. I wouldn't dare, how rude.

    i didn't tell anyone for that reason. but we still get people asking us when were gonna have a baby. its because we've been married 2 years nearly now. i think they all assume once married a baby is the next thing. i just shrug it off and say yeah one day i want kids. little do they know i've been trying since before we got married. i just don't want everyone discussing the fact were trying. make me feel uncomfortable.
  • This month i am trying to take a step back. I have not been checking CM or CP and all of that and not really been thinking about it either. I am hoping these three days away will relax me so when i come back and we start bding next week i am hoping to be more realxed and chilled out.

    k XX
  • Where are you off to Klou? We're going to Finland for a wedding tomorrow which should be good!
  • we havent told anyone that we are trying but my mother in law keeps asking when we are going t have a baby....and my sister keeps asking when she can be an aunty..i keep wanting to shout, patience people..these things take time. its kinda nice to have our little secret that we are trying..
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