AF is here !! CD1 today !

Hi All

Well after a very dramatic first month off the pill - AF has turned up today - 33 day cycle which is normal so all good. Gees the pain of the first AF off the pill is horrendous ! I have a really bad tummy ache and I am more moody then I have ever been in my life ! OMG !!! Just want to throw things ! lol ! Poor hubby !!

Not too dissapointed that AF has come - I didn;t expect to fall on first month of trying.

CD1 today ! Here is to a BFP in March : ) xx


  • Hi Stace

    Good news that your AF has arrived and that its only 33 days. I noticed my pain and moodiness too, I've been loads better though this month.

    I'm on CD4 and I think some others are too, so here's to a BFP in March. Fingers crossed.

    V xxx
  • Good luck getting your BFP in March xx
  • same here am cd4 and i am well moody this time round! lol perhaps its because its the last one for nine months! BFP in march PMA all the way! baby dust to all x
  • I like your thinking Jennifuree. I'm going to think about that one.

    V xxx
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