Any1 else fed up of the two week wait for the 2ww already!!?

I dont know about you guys but last week i was actually quite relieved when af finally came as the 2ww was over but ive just realised that the two week wait for the 2ww is actually even worse!!! atleast on the 2ww you can dream about being pg and get abit excited but at the moment its just waiting and no excitement cos no way we can have ov'd yet so no way we could be pg yet!!!!!!! xxxx


  • I agree with you both. I feel that since january I have been counting, either with hope to the af/bfp(well not yet but you know what I mean!) or I've been counting to see when cd 12-14 will be, then having to contact and hope that my donor will be available, hope I wont be working, hoping I can get childcare for a couple of days. It is really pretty stressful and I cant wait for it to end!!!
  • I am fed up full stop, i never knew it would take long to concieve our 2nd and im getting very very bored. PMA has completely gone out the window this monthnt think i can even face BD, how bad is that. I do agree that this is the worst part of ttc xxxxx
    how are ya twizz? x
  • I agree too, coming up to ov now. But last week was a pain just waiting for it! xx
  • i am on CD 6 and its a killer!! on am on month 2 ttc so not long but i dont know how you guys have done it!!! Well done to all of you for sticking with things...I hope everything works out for us all in the end. The 2ww for the 2ww,,,,,,,,,it's a lifetime. My OH is away and comes back just in time for ovulation, cant wait but at the same time am already depressing myself thinking of bfn. x
  • fi - im fine honey you seem down at the mo, is that y i havent seen you on here for a few days? dont give up honey you fell with flick so you'll get there soon, i read in a book that if you go to the docs after 6 months of trying and nothing happens that they'll send you away with encouraging words for another 6 months so it is normal for it to take over a year although im only on 2 month and so cant imagine how shit it is for you guys image could it be to do with the coil, does that make it take time? xxxxx

    summer - Im so sorry its taking you so long aswell, have you got any kids already? were you on the pill or anything? least we can rant on here and every one understands how everyone else is feeling

    xxxxx baby dust and PMA to all of you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Hi girls

    I feel just the same, again i have not been doing it long at all this is only my second month of trying but the 2ww wait for me last month was horrid. I was thinking all sorts stressing myself out it's all i thought about. I am going to try SO hard to not get my hopes up this time as last month I had a lot of signs i thought were preg signs.

    I started my bd last night as i am due i think to OV this friday but should be fertile from tomorrow and I was soo not in the mood. We did it but it was a struggle i must say image

    I am hoping it wont be like this the next couple of times we do it.

    I just hate having to think about it all the time and it's sooo hard not to. I mean now i am checking cm again to see if i am ov and I am bored of it already??

    k XX
  • oh hun imagine having a beautiful newborn after all that time, keep positive it has taken alot of people i know 2years, 3 years, i just think its so unfair that people that shouldnt have children and dont deserve them get pg over and over again and people that want nothing more than to look after and love a little baby have such trouble getting pregnant, its a cruel world!!! xxxxx
  • exactly, it'll probably happen after the 6 months once you've decided thats it!!! that seems to happen alot when people stop trying and stop stressing baby pop along!!! good luck hun, it must b hard cos just cos your older doesnt mean you have any less right to have a little baby again xxx
  • well lets just keep our fingers crossed for you until then. then hun, lots of PMA and baby dust xxxxx
  • hiya,
    twizzlepie - all i know is that the coil gave me extra progesterone which can cause cysts and symptoms like pg so Im thinking that my cyst is now becoming a problem and if I dont fall soon I should have it removed. thats what i keep thinking, i must surely fall pg soon as ive already had a baby and assumed its easier after having your first but obviously not. I havent been on here because decorating and only just finishing af. im better today although thats probably cos i havent thought about ttc much!!!
  • oh honey, what you decorating, the house? have you been to the docs yet to see if there are any probs, but as you'e had a child b4 it is odd its taking it time xxxxxx
  • Good Morning!!!!
    we have decorated the hallway ready for carpet to be fitted tomoro, cant wait for it to be done now and we have been gardening too, hopefully going to buy flick a wooden playhouse, she'll love it.
    Im not going to bother with drs cos they never help me and ive decided to just get on with trying as hard as we can this month. Im still taking my pregnacare and EPO and we started BD last night and I put pillow under bum for 25mins after!! I was soo bored laying there, OH put big bro on for me.And Im checking my cervix position as of today, its really high so i know im not fertile yet and hopefully i will spot the difference starting earlier this month.
    I really am much more positive today im excited hehe
    *PMA* *PMA*
  • Hi Fiona I am sooo low today, i do not think i am OV image I had loads of cm on the monday but was mushy if that makes sense and then we bd's that night not using pre seed and then yesterday i had hardly any cm at all and this morning is just the same?? the little i do have is very tacky I am sooo upset. today is meant to be my fertile window I am due to OV this friday but i don;t think i will :0-(

  • Hi Karen, oh dont be down hun,what cd are you on? have you checked your cervix? xxx
  • Yeah my cervix is high or at least I can't feel it very much i am on CD 12 image

  • CD12 is still early isnt it honey? just keep BDc'ing as much as you can image

    Fi - OMG could you believe that alex bitch she was so out of order, i was screaming at the TV!!!! sounds like you've got your hands full with bubba and all this decorating, bet its keeping your mind off stuff xxxxxx
  • I hate that women I think they should take her out to be honest with you, or due to the way she has been acting they should put her up as well, she needs to go!!

    K xx
  • defo she is really quite scarey and i for one would feel very uncomfortable having to live in that house with her xxxx
  • K-lou, don't lose heart just yet. As you know I'm due to ov same time as you, and have very little cm, what I have is a bit watery. EWCM will only come 12 hours before ov.

    Alex p*ssed me off so much. She said everyone was free to their opinion, then spoke over them shooting them down in flames! Such a bully! xx
  • Thanks sweetheart i am just a little low today not even sure why i am getting upset?? image

    She really is a bully I would love to be in that house to give her some back!

    k xx
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