anyone with ov pains?

What do they feel like? i no thats a random question but this morning i woke up with a pain in my left side, never, it was almost pulsing dull pain, but strong enough to keep me awake. Its still there but not nearly as bad infact i only notice it when i think about it. I've only just finished my last period and i'm on cd14. My last cycle was 44 days, but since having the implant removed my cycles are still returning to normal so have shorter cycles each time. Pain in the bum because i can't really estimate whats going on.
Does this sound like ov pain? or something non babymaking related? i'm not overly worried about the pain just interested to see if i'm ov'ing.


  • Hi hun, are you using OPK's to pinpoint ovulation?I am not sure what ov pains feel like but maybe sam symptoms as af I have noticed I get a rise in temperature and feel hot flushed and have a bad head around ov.Hope this helps a bit.xx
  • Hey i get really bad OVing and AF pains. I would say that OVing pains are like really dull heartbeat sort of pains. I think it'd be like 2cms inwards from the pointy bit of my hip bone....Geee, its like im a Dr!!!

    If they arent too sore it might be good though. Id get an OPK to check and then you know Mother Nature is on your side!! I think of it like my body was made for having babies!!!

  • homefairy thats exactly what was like, a dullheart beat. I did an opk but it was neg, but then i've never had a positive opk. If my cycle shortens to 30ish days this month, then it would be about the right time. Its very exciting, the only thing is hubby is poorly so no bding for us, pains were yesterday morning so think we've missed it now image
  • Maybe not, it may have started on one of your high days and not on your peak day. Just give him some lemsip!!!

    Oh im sure he'll get better for BDing, even if it is next month.

  • I got a positive opk on thursday and friday...but i now have cramping that could be ovulation pain, i don't get it?!?! xx
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