what the heck is going on?!

so, my story is this - AF usually dead on CD33 every month, ov around CD20 so have 13 day LP. this month thought i OV around CD22, so AF due yesterday (CD35) now CD 36 and no AF.

i had bad af pains on sunday through to tuesday and then nothing. now i have stabbing pains that feel a bit like af pain, but not the usual.
my temps were very high all week and even yesterday, so i was excited and went out to buy CB digi to do this morning.
anyway, this morning my temps had plummeted to 36.6 and i'm gutted.
waiting for af, but still no sign - HELP ME i am going mad! just want a glass of wine to drown my sorrows so hurry and come you cow bag!!!!

sorry - just wanted a little rant!!! xx


  • Sorry you are in the same impossible situation as me, I am two days late now and still, not even any signs of AF coming.........

    I decided today to stop putting my life on hold for TTC and have totally switched off, started a healthu eating plan and execrise today and when AF eventually arrives will try again next month, with a totally new approach....... relaxed, relaxed relaxed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    Hope you get sorted soon x:\?
  • awww osrry girlies, but its not over til she shows, so u never no, maybe get a nice big bar of choccy each rather than a glas... just in case image good luck xxxxxx
  • hey ladies, ah man - its doing my head in! 3054 - it might not be all doom and gloom for you - you never know, some poeple dont get BFPs till a week or so after af late! my temp dropping is pretty much a sure sign, so feeling very glum today.
    i like your new approach though, wish i could feel that positive! i just feel that we are doing all we can already, so what can we change?! we eat well, we excersize, we use conception friendly lube, we bd around ov, plenty - so what more can we do?! boo hoo! xx
  • You cant do any more than you are already huni, but it doesnt work that way...... if only life was so easy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When I fell PG first time, I knew nothing about TTC, just came of the pill, had lots of sex and waited to see, got PG on month two, not I know everything and do everything I can possible and cant seem to get PG??????????????

    My SIS tried for 3 years and the month she gave up TTC she feel PG, Im not sure but I think all this stress and trying to second guess everything, monitoring everything etc etc probably puts way to much stress on us and it is probably this which hinders our TTC.

    I dont temp BBT so know idea about that, but I am just going to wait it out and see what happens.

    Try to relax and go with the flow, I am going to give the relaxed approach a try until December, if no joy by then........ well I think I will go crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:lol:
  • i know, i know - i just thought i had done really, really well witht he whole relaxed approach this month. the only thing i monitored was my ewcm and we had sex all week - mainly cos we wanted to, not because we had to! and we also tried new things and new places to do the deed to make it more fun! i didnt temp or chart or do ov tests. i was ok till i was late and my temps were high (took temp when late to see what was going on)!!!! now i'm just going mental!
    ah well, will see what temp is like tomorrow and will test in the morning if its high or the same (if af doesnt come that is!) xxxxxx
  • Good luck Huni....... you did do well, sounds very relaxed and much fun!!!! May try that one next month x
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