Feeling like my PMA is draining away

Well i had a mmc about 8 weeks ago now, I had some brown/red spotting 2 weeks ago & from reading other posts on here thought that was my af - although i'm not sure it was now. I calculated my ov dates assuming that the spotting was my af & i should have ov yesterday - well had nothing sun, or yesterday or today ????? Been doing the ov sticks.

I'm just feeling really sorry for myself & feel like it's never going to happen again. Think my body is totally mucked up after the mc. Am crying as i type this. :cry: :cry:

It's the not knowing what is going on with my body that i'm finding really frustrating & everywhere i seem to turn there's either a baby or pg ladies, even on the bloody telly. :\(

Sorry to moan. Someone give me a slap. xx


  • Please don't be so down on yourself. I know what you mean, just turned the telly on and on holby city the bloody story is a woman pg with twins. I have never been through what you have and can only imagine how hard it's been for you. I am awaiting 21 day bloods as don't think I have been OVing this is month 4 ttc. All I can say is try to maintain your PMA, I am sure it will happen. Everyone here will always be about if you just need to cry or vent your frustration. Sending you lots of PMA AND STICKY BABY DUST. xxx
  • Im so sorry for your loss, i think thats the most frustrating part the not knowing what your body is doing, I think every single one of us is confused by our bodies and something thats meant to be so simple turns out to be quite difficult at times. Try to stay strong and remember every month is a step closer. Good luck hope you get your sticky BFP soon image xxx
  • So sorry to hear about your mc. Af is red blood, so if there was only brown spotting, that wasn't your af!

    Keep up with the ov sticks, I don't get a positive, but I jknow when I ov - so won't use them again probably.

    Have some PMA, I haven't got a lot to spare...but willing to share! image
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