Anyone elses af due around April 18? Xmas day bean?

I thought as I know a few of us are hoping for Xmas day beans, we could help eachother through our 2ww by symptom spotting etc with eachother.

This month I have uses the cbfm and after bding inserted a softcups to keep the spermys in and also we use zestica....

Af is due on the 18th April, I only have a ten day luteal phase.



  • me image I used my cbfm this month as well, it's my second cycle with it so I'm hoping it's figured me out by now!!
    I'm 4dpo today so way to early for symptoms but I'm still feeling a little depressed that I don't have any :roll: xx
  • Hi there

    My AF is due on Monday and I my date would be around the 20th ish.

    Baby princess, I might get some of those cup things, they sound like a really good idea. One lady said she uses her moon cup.

    V xx
  • goodluck ladies im due around the 17th april on 2ww at mo didnt use my cbfm this month forgot all about it lol

    baby dust to all xxx
  • 4dpo is too early for symptoms, I think implantation happens at 9po ish,

    I got my first peak on cbfm today, so today is ov day then? X
  • I count 1dpo as the first high after the peaks just to be sure x
  • i am due on the round 16th but will test around 19th if i can hold out

  • Soft cups sit on top of the cervix so is alot further up then the moon cup or diva cup. They r really easy to use, if I get my bfp this month that's the only change we have made xx
  • they still sound scary to me but if it works then I'd be willing to give it a go...I'd try anything at this stage!!! x
  • So how many peaks do you get? Cd17 is the day I've always ov'd so I know it's right, I've had 5 highs 1 peak. X

    don't think I can have sex again tomoz, hubbys flat out!!
  • This month I got 3 highs then 2 peaks and a high, I had 2 peaks last month as well but 10 highs beforehand, poor h2b was knackered :lol: xx
  • Hi I'm 1DPO and AF due on the 19th which mean bubba will be due 26/12 if I fall!

    baby dust xx
  • I may be able to make him do it tomoz, it's never ending!!!
  • I may be able to make him do it tomoz, it's never ending!!!
  • :lol: I know, it's got now that h2b and I are excited to get into bed and just go to sleep!
  • How do some ppl get bfp on one night stands?!!!
  • It's just not fair! I wonder that too, so strange how we plan and test for the 'best days' and some girls just have a little accident! Maybe we should forget the cbfm and just go get drunk.... :lol:
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