Hey girls,

Has this worked for any of you?

Me and hubby are trying this month, weve been bding every other day since CD8 and tessting for ovulation since CD10! Its only CD16 and im shattered and sore (sorry tmi) already! Havent had a +opk yet either! Scared by the time i do ovulate im gonna be even more tired so wont catch the egg image



  • hiya mrsvause23, we hae tried smep this motnh, lots of people get great results! i am starting to get sore too lol. on cd 24, ov'd cd22, we did bd every 2 sometimes 3 days as it was getting too much, i think its ok to miss a day every now and then as long as u bd on the important days when u get ur + opk and the day or 2 after. hope it works for you! xxxxx
  • Yeah thats what i was thinking! i told hubby we could miss a day or so but hes adament that were following it properly! its a shame men dont get sore, he would soon be changing his mind!!

    Your a bit in front of me but let me no if you get your BFP image

    Lots of baby dust and good luck hun image

  • hehe its good that hes adament tho, just close ur eyes hold ur breath til the worst is over lol. thanks image still not actually sure if my + was a + im hoping it was lol. good luck! and hopefully it wll all be worth it! xxx
  • haha made me giggle! il just tell him to do what he wants but dont wake me up! bless him! hes been pretty good this month!

    its his rugby presentation on saturday and hes said hes not even having one drink in case he cant ' perform' lol

  • haha! awww bless glad hes taking his role seriously image
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