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af at 10dpo, normal???

Wel im 10dpo cd 28, ive ben spotting for 2 days now, thurs was just 2wice all day, yest was more often but both only when i wiped. today now it is a bit heavier and is there every time i wipe and a tiny bit in nicks (just enough to wear a pantyliner not a pad),it is all brown though yeuach sorry tmi.
so tomorrow im guessing my af will be well and truly here, on 11dpo cd29, is it ok too have such a short gap between ovulation and period?
does this mean that i wouldnt be able to get pregnant???
Do any of you suffer from this and got a bfp?????
thanks ladies feeling really low today but dh doesnt seem to understand just keeps saying we will try again next month - dont worry.
babydust to you all xxxxxx


  • it depends on how long your lutheal phase is, not everyone has a 14 day phase, so i guess it could be possible that you ov and now af is on the way image

    have you tested because it could be implantation?
    i wouldnt get upset just yet, you still could be pregnant, fingers crossed for you xxxxx
  • i think its definately af, this is the first month i used ov sticks so im not sure how long my lutuel phase is normally. aswell its only my 2nd month since being off the pill last month my cycle was 28/29 days so the dates would add up if i hadnt worked out when i ov'd.
    im just worried that if i got pregnant after ov that the egg wouldnt have time to implant etc before af comes????
    how long is you lutuel phase?
  • Hi Hun,

    I had pinkish spotting 7 dpo, and bright red gush after bd 8 dpo, but then it totally disappeared... So I'm still being hopeful and am saying today is 10dpo!!

    Until that full red flow is in action you are not out honey.. Fingers crossed it might have been IP spotting?

    Good luck xxx
  • thankyou both for trying to make me feel better image but i really think this is my af, as i explained theres more of it today although its still brown (sorry tmi) and today its more gooey than yest and day before when it was more like brown water lol sorry tmi,
    im kinda gettin used to the fact that im out for this month but im worried that if my body doesnt have enough time between ov and af then i wont be able to implant etc so i dont want to do nothing and it happen again next month????? is there something i can take? dont wana go to the docs coz they will say they cant help until ttc for 12mths etc etc blah blah blah lol.
  • I'd maybe ask to get an appointment with the nurse at your surgery?? Mine is usually more receptive to just having a chat about stuff, yours could be the same?

    I can't help with the LP stuff... But maybe she can?

    Good luck Hun, let us know how you get on?

  • once the egg is fertilised then it implants. if it isnt fertilised then you have your af.

    there is nothing wrong with you, you seem to just have short cycles, which is a bonus when ttc as your not hanging on for weeks on end waiting for af or ovulation!

    i would wait a few days and see what happens, it could just be your body settling down afer the pill, it is only month 2 try not to get down honey, its early days.
    it took me 3 months to fall preggy last time and then i had a mc as i think for me it was too soon after coming off the pill.
    it was 5 months from coming off the pill to conceiving our daughter, i know its hard but just be patient.
    the more you stress the less likely you are to fall pregnant. i know its hard im saying all this and am stressing myself haha!
    ah honey, it is rubbish i really hope it happens for you soon xxxxx
  • ye i might do, i just feel really sill doing things like that especially as weve only been trying for 2 months.
    ive read something about vitb6 can help with lutual phase maybe ill give that a try???
  • thanks miss waggy wants another - those kind words have made me feel a bit better image if only i had something else to focus my mind on it would be much easier. i work with young children so its extra hard especially as alot of them are now having younger brothers and sisters image xxxx
  • yeah thats my problem finding something else to think about! i didnt think ttc no 2 would bother me as we are already blessed with our daughter but its worse second time around as i no i can get pregnant and its like ahhhhh why isnt it happening right away!
    it will happen for you and i know it will happen again for me, these things take time!
  • your right miswaggywantsanother, im trying to focus on our newhouse to be but im just not interested lol.
    now im really confused, i was getting quite a lot of brown like old blood this morn- there was also some on the pad (not alot) then i hjad a shower at about 11am, since then i havent had hardly anything when wiping, the most i had was now at 2pm, but its like brown water again. i know its my period so trying not to get any hopes up but cant help thinkin hmm what if???image
  • oh yes and ive still got no cramps so im v.confused xxx
  • i had this with my af just gone, on 9th july i started with pinky discharge so got super excited and tested BFN obviously, it carried on all day and then went away. on 11th July it was red blood, i was so disapointed but also felt so stupid at wasting 6 tests!!!!

    if you dont get red blood in a few days i would test xxx
  • mine is normally 12 days but was 10 this cycle, it is only classes as a problem if it is less than 9 days although there have been ladies on here that have concived and gone on to have babies with a 9 day LP

    'normal' is classed a 10-17 days long, as you are still spotting it is not yet AF so it could be 11 or 12 x
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