AF and Angus Castus

Has any one taken Angus Castus to 're-start' their AF or shorten their cycle. I took it and it worked brilliantly but stopped when my AF came. It only lasted 3 days (5 before I was on pill). Should I have carried on taking it?::\?


  • What does Angus Castus do? xx
  • oooh i was waiting for a reply on this too, i think its supposed to regulate your cycles, but i dont know anymore.
  • ohhh, I hope someone see's our plight and lets us know. ;\)
  • Angus Castus is meant to reguate your cycle. I came off the pill at start of Nov and had nothing for 8 weeks so decided to give it ago but as it says above I am not sure if I should carry on taking it. It has made my AF shorter by 2 days this time but am not sure if that is cos I stopped taking it.
  • i would like to see a reply to this too, as i'm wondering what to do. i;ve been taking it for 3 days now, and no AF. only taking the boots version and its 20mg, i am sure the holland and barrat one is stronger and you take two a day.....
  • Livvy S- where about in boots did you get it?
    I had a look and couldnt find it in the vits section, i looked at womens health? I will try holland and barrat as it may be better, and id like to have shorter or more regular cycles if possible.
  • homefairy - i got it in quite a small boots, in the vit section, but there's like a 'herbal' type area to the section, if that makes sense. its called Kira (the make) but as i said, its only 20mg, so i will be taking 2 per day from today - it says to not take more than one, but if you can take more from holland and barrat and its onlyherbal, i'm sure it will be fine.
  • Thank you, i was wondering around in circles and couldnt find it and i didnt want to ask a sales assistant as they really have to deal with lots of questions and it seemed all too personal!!
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