strong smelling wee, cramps and tired!

hi ladies,

what with so many of you getting BFP's recently, i thought you might be able to help with how i'm feeling at the moment.
i have been trying to use OPK to work out when i OV - but its giving me mixed signals and confusing me. basically i am getting surges....a build up, then a drop, then another build up over the past 10 days. so i've given up now!
anyway, for the last few days i have had very much noticeably smelly wee (tmi!) and cramping like af. also very very tired, but so is hubbie - think its the BD and no caffeine!!!!

any thoughts anyone? xx


  • Hey, i didnt want to read and run. Im not sure about OPKs as there are a couple of things i was wondering myself.

    Do you feel like you need to pee anymore? Is it that you really need to go and its getting concentrated?

  • oh these silly double posts!!!


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  • hey homefairy,
    i dont think i need to go more often - i go quite a lot anyway! not holding it in now, as not doing opks anymore, so its not like i ever REALLY want to go, i just when i need it!
    i just got frustrated, as i thought i OV last weekend, but got a buil up to almost having dark line, then it went to nothing, then the next day it started building up again and on fri it was pretty dark, then on sat it was fainter again! i give up!

  • Hmmm, thats so confusing? Would it be like how the CBFM has high days and peak days? Ive seen people on here ask if they have OVd twice? Its so confusing!!!

    x x x
  • i know, i just wish i knew what was happening! well the first 'high' i got was SO dark, i was convinced it was a positive, but since getting another surge, i am not sure now. also, first high was about CD10, so really not sure.
    oh well! i think we are just going to try and enjoy bd at least every other day and see how it goes. xx
  • Thats good, then you will catch it at some point, and if you are happy and know that you are BDing and helping chances anyway then it may make you less stressed-as you know you are doing all you can.

    x x x
  • Livvy,

    You and I are in the same boat at the moment! I have been having a TTC break for one reason and another. Dh and I have decided to start kind of trying again, but in a relaxed manner-ie. just bding without contraception. But, I was getting weird pains on cd9 so I used an old opk and I got a positive. I have tested everyday since (yeah, relaxed much) and they have all had lines on them...although they are most definately getting fainter-which I think is a good sign because I *think* the surge must have been ov. It's fairly unusual for me to ov so early but it has happend to me before. I have a long lp too. So, I think I am now 5-6dpo. I also have cramps and strange smelling wee!

  • hi charlie_chalk! oh its good to hear that someone out there is experiencing what i am going through!
    i am still confused, as my 'positive' on CD10 was never darker than the control line, but it was SO close, and then it started trailing off, so either i have high levels in my system all the time, or i missed my absolute peak? either way, my cramps are getting more annoying - i have them every day now, and they are like gentle stabbing pains (if you can call stabbing, gentle!)
    wee is smelling normal now, but still strong colour....even though i am drinking lots.
    fingers crossed its BFP! i am testing once a week from now on - when are you due to test? xx

  • I'm gonna continue the opks until I run out, just to see what happens!!:\)

    Then, I am going to do a hpt next weekend-probably sunday. That would make me 12-13dpo if I did ov when I think I did! It'd be nice if we were bump buddies!:\)

  • good idea - i already ran out of OPKs so have stopped (love not having to hold wee in for 2 hours!!!) and have found somewhere that sells first response pg tests for ??2.49 each, so its cheaper to do that once a week! i am testing this friday, so will keep you updated - would be very cool to be bump buddies, just gotta keep fingers crossed that i've managed it first try! how long have you been trying?
    keep my updated on your opks - how long are your cycles normally? xx
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