1DPO and already going crazy! lol

omg.....it has just been my first proper ovulation since coming of the implanon and im now going crazy!

how do u manage?

all i can think of is baby, baby, baby and will i have that extra line?

a live said before iv got a real good feeling about it this month but feel really stupid for getting my hopes up!

how the hell do u all get through these two weeks????

im gonna loose the plot totally! xxxxxx


  • Hey, Im 1DPO today to. Its going to be a long 2ww!!!x
  • when r u planning on testing? how u feeling about this month??
  • I'm 1DPO today too! but will have to wait the whole 2 weeks as have never got a positive from testing early (and have 2 kids! lol) so will wait til the 20th as thats the day after AF should arrive

    Baby dust and PMA to us all xx
  • jenifuree that is the day i will be testing! how long have u been ttc? u feeling possative?
  • Hey,

    This is my 1st month off the pill. Im on CD21 at the mo and i definatly appear to have OV.
    I have had lots of EWCM, the odd crampy feeling and went onto have a very positive OPK on Sunday morning.
    BD ing at all the right times so im actully feeling quite positive at the moment.
    Im not going to be getting my hopes up as like I say it is only 1st month off the pill.

    I fell with my DD on cycle 2 having been on the pill for 12 yrs solid so im hoping its going to be similar this time round to.

    I will probably test around the 19th/20th if no AF.
    What about you??x
  • i had my implanon out on the 21st jan then i had a chemical Mc as i hadnt had my first period since being off! then i had my first AF on the 21st march! done as much as i possibly could this week without the hubby walking around like john wayne. So really hoping! ill be testing on the 20th! hoping i can hold on till then!
  • I'm 2DPO and trying not to think about poas but can't help it.... last month I poas from like 6DPO - ridiculous lol
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