Strange taste in mouth?

Hi everyone, have had this realy weird taste in my mouth all day today, doesn't matter what I eat or drink, it doesn't go away! Even after mints and brushing my teeth its still there! Should be ov-ing any day now, anyone know if this can be a sign of ov?


  • Have only heard a strange taste as a pregnancy symptom!
  • Don't think i've ov'd yet!! That would be really bizarre! Oh no, gonna be symptom spotting for weeks!
  • Hi Laura - I had a metallic taste a few weeks ago and couldn't stop myself hoping it was a pregnancy sign.

    But when I went to the dentists for a check up, the metallic taste was caused by a cut in my mouth that kept bleeding!

    And apparently taking folic acid/prenatal vitamins and minerals can cause a taste.... good luck though!
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