Feeling all emotional & no idea where AF is!

I'm 15DPO today and yesterday morning I did a test - BFN.

I'm soooooo disappointed in myself for not having managed it this month. We used SMEP and pre seed and managed to BD quite a bit around OV.

My temp is still high but even so, if we'd managed to conceive this month it would have shown on a first response by 14DPO wouldn't it?

Plus, just to make myself even worse I've just been on the Pregnancy chatroom reading the loveliest birth stories and convincing myself it'll never be me. :cry:

Update Sunday 10th January.
OK so I'm now 16DPO (CD41) my temps are still high & there's no sign of AF. Been feeling really weird today - all hot & bothered & a bit dizzy. I'm also getting some strange visual disturbances like flashing lights & a mild feeling of nausea. I'm too scared to poas again in case it's another BFN.

Grrrrrrr I hate feeling like poo!


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