What's the longest cycle anyone's ever had.....???

I'm on CD132 today and wondering if I'll EVER ovulate!!! I know a few of you are in a similar situation but I just want to get an idea of what I could be facing!

Sorry if I sound like a broken record but I am slightly concerned (and getting very obsessed!) at my lack of AF or BFP.

Just been on another thread and after 12 years on the pill it has dawned on me that I probably haven't ovulated since 1997 so I think my body just doesn't know how!!

How did you deal with your lack of cycles and what worked??!!!

H xxx



  • One time I came off the pill I think it took about 7 months to get AF (definitely over 6 months anyway). Other times it was maybe 3 months or so. I didn't do anything, although I did go to the Dr after the 6 months and he said something like come back in another 6 months if you still haven't had one! I stopped using the pill completely a couple of years ago and after the first AF went back to reasonably regular cycles, with the odd 2 month gap. I didn't have a problem getting my BFP so good luck image
    Mrs B (14+5)
  • When I came off the pill after 10 years my cyles went back to normal fairly quickly. I did however end up taking the morning after pill twice within about 3 weeks and that gave me a 69 day cycle. Not as whopping as yours but enough to have me worried. In the end it was a visit to the doctor for a pregnancy test that did it. AF arrived the day of the results!

    Fingers crossed for you for something to happen soon

    arls (4+6)

  • Hi hun, MY longest cycle recently was 172 days!! but i think years ago and i mean when i was about 17 i prob didnt have a AF for just under a year!!! xx
    I have since found out i have PCOS, but just to give you hope i got my BFP on saturday so it can happen!! xx

    Also to get my cycles lower i started taking Agnus Cactus which is a herbal tablet, i took one a day for about 2 weeks then 2 weeks later i ov'd so i got them down to about 42 days which was good for me, i also started taking super strength evening primrose oil, and that seemed to really help as that was just before i got my BFP!!!


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  • When i came off the pill my longest we 92day

    gems xx
  • Thanks - it helps to know that other people have had similar experiences and especially Hales and MrsB getting BFPs. It's such a frustrating situation to be in.
    I've had no luck with Agnus Castus - took four a day for a month and that didn't kick start my system. Had two sessions of acupuncture too and nothing. Well if I reach 172 at least that's only just over a month to go! Fingers crossed!
    Baby dust and sticky dust to you all xx
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