fao piggypops

hey chick

just a quick one, have just started using fertility friend on my i phone and according to it i am currently in a fertile patch!
have you used fertility friend for long? is is good? im not charting my temps but ive just added my + opk and cm
i am confused as i got my +opk on sunday but now have watery cm!!

hummmmmm its all very confusing this ttc!



  • i used it for 11 months last year and for me it was pretty good, but it is only as good as the data imputed, you can change the way it identifys ov, you can identify ov by OPK/monitor, or by the all round method, ie temps, cm, OPK, this sometimes can alter the day it sugests you OV,

    i spent a lot of time on it last year so if you have any more qu's i will try my best image
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