Are we stopping too early???

Morning everyone

Well I don't think I'm pregnant this month - tested this morning and BFN. I'm only 8DPO but only have a 12-day luteal phase so its 4-days early and I just think it would show on a test by now. I'd love to be wrong though! I also don't feel different. I just expect to feel different when I fall pregnant, different in some way or another! I'm just exuding PMA today aren't I!!!

Anyway, my question is, I'm wondering if hubby and I are giving up on the fun stuff too early. This month I ovulated on Sat 3, we did it a couple of times that day and once the day after. We then didn't do it until Friday this week as we've both been so knackered!!! Hubby was fantastic this month too and really made an effort - he got his mojo back as I told him! (He'd been feeling the pressure the previous month!) Do you think we stopped too early and perhaps should have carried on for a few days??? If we definitely haven't done it this month, we'll try extending it next month I think!

I'll go and sign up to the Valentines' Challenge I think!!! image

Joo xxxxx


  • Hi Joo - been waiting for you to post!!!

    Sorry it's BFN but what did I tell you yesterday... DON'T give up! Now it's your turn to listen to me!! It's not over til AF shows her ugly face. It's probably just too early. Egg can take a while to implant and then hormone levels just won't be high enough to detect yet. I tested 11 dpo and got BFN but then BPF on 14 dpo so don't loose hope.

    To answer your question though - no I don't think you stopped too early. Once you ov the window the egg is available is only something silly like 8-12 hours. Maybe start bding earlier though as swimmers can live for up to 5 days. (I know hubby was away this time so you couldn't)

    But you don't KNOW you aren't pg yet so I want to see some PMA from you Mrs! I know you expect to 'feel' pg but you might just not. I am 5 weeks pg today and sometimes I don't feel pg at all (and have to take another test to convince myself)

    Test again on Tuesday! xx
  • You are totally getting your own back on me!!!!!

    Thank you for your post Em. I know you're right but I've just convinced myself that if I am pregnant it'll show on a test by now! Which I know isn't necessarily correct... waiting is just so hard!

    We definitely started the fun stuff early enough - I got my dates etc. muddled up and hubby was back in plenty of time for us to catch my ovluation. Hopefully it doesn't matter too much that we stopped fairly early on? Anyway, if we are out this month, we'll try harder next month!

    P.S. Em, I saw your post about A&E - hope ur ok and good luck for next week, let me know ur ok!

  • I second babyB-its not over until af arrives,test again in a few days. Good luck.x
  • Come on Joo!!!!!!! Its still a bit early!!!!!!!!!! Test again in a few days Missus!xxx
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