Some advice please

Hi everyone, just hoping that someone could give me some advice. I have 2 children and recently hubby and I decided to go for baby number 3. Stupidly I took off my patch mid way through cycle and didnt give it a second thought. 4 days later, I had quite thick mucus with blood in it and then it kind of turned into a very light period which only last for about a day and a half which was really weird. Then, recently(past 3 days), I have been getting cramps as if Im on but there has been nothing. I dont normally get any problems at 'the time of the month' and found it really weird. I have also been peeing alot recently and have felt quite nauseous of late but then I tested today and it was negative. Im really lost with this as I have no idea where I am in my cycle anymore. Help Please. Thanks. Sorry if too much info.


  • Hi hun, the only thing you can really do now is wait for your period to arrive and go from there, if it still hasn't showed in say another week do another test just to see. Sorry I can't be more helpful! xx
  • Thanks for replying Huni, I feel better just knowing that someone doesnt think Im over reacting. xx
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