TTC and redundency

Looks like i might not be visiting this site much more.
We have just found out this week that my husbands job is under threat of redundency.
So that put pays to us having another child.
Hope the rest of you all have better luck then we do.


  • Oh no, I am sorry. I hope it doesnt come to that or that if it does he can get another job quickly. It must be very worrying for you.xx
  • So sorry to hear that. Hope things work out for you both x
  • thanks for your messages, should find out if he is being made redundent in the next couple of days.
    spose i am just feeling sorry for myself.
  • Hi hun, try not to worry, He might be ok. If not he might get a decent pay out to tide you over until he finds another job.
    Good luck. Fingers crossed it's all ok. xxx
  • So sorry to hear that too. I know exactly how you're feeling - my husband got made redundant the same week i had come off the pill to start trying for a baby. i cried A LOT! But it all worked out fine and actually now he's got a job that pays even better than the last one so it's been a blessing in disguise - not that it felt like that at the time. Hope your husband finds something soon and that it also works out to be a better job. Chin up honey! xx
  • Sorry to hear that Isobel, you worried and disapointed. If he is made redundant, then like the others have said, hopefully it wont be too long until something else even better comes along. take care hun xxx

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