No AF yet today too scared to test!

Ok as you may or may not know i took a FR test at the begining of the week as i was feeling cramps, sicky had sore nipples etc and it was bfn! So i kinda thought i wasnt preggers! Af was due today but so far no sign! I dont have any normal pmt signs! I had some cramps this am and felt kinda wet (tmi) so ran to the loo tampax in hand however no period!
Im scared to test in case its bfn like before! Im scared it will be bfn and ill be left wondering where af is!

I was so sure af was gonna come as had bfn on tuesday that today i brought some AC to try for next month starting today!
Its wierd i wanted af not come but now shes not actually here im quite nervous and scared!
Thanks for reading! xxxxx


  • Hey Clarkie,
    TEST TEST TEST. (oops, sorry bad influence). If your AF due today and no sign i think you should test, i wouldn't beable to resist. Good luck, the witch stays away for you. Sx
  • Im too scared my oh said i should test but i said that ill proberly waste a test then af will show half an hour later! Thats what happened last month! The thing is id conviced myself i wasnt preggers and that af would be here!
  • Test, Test, Test!! go on do it, you know you want to really!

    I'll hold your hand! How many have you got in? Is there not a cheapy you could use?


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  • TEST TEST TEST, we're all here for you.
  • Yea i have 14 sitting in a drawer and 2 FR kits! Now i sound like a freak! Lol! xx
  • so clarkie have you tested hehe xx???
  • Nooooo!!! I might test tmw morning its better in the morning right? xx
  • If AF due today then i'm sure it will show up now!!! 14 OMG i thought i was bad.
  • I think I would definitely wait til morning cos if I got bfn i'd be telling myself it was cos I tested late in the day and would end up testing again in the morning anyway!! although its easy to say when we have only just started ttc and couldnt possible be pregnant yet!! I'm sure the excitement and uncertainty would get the better of me image
  • It was a multipack! i thought i might get addictied to testing but actually im scared of that stupid one pink line showing its ugly head!! xxx
  • Test in the morning then, but definately do it! We need to know! image

    Like Lisao says if you do it tonight and its BFN then you will still want to try again with FMU.

  • good luck clarkie!!! iv still no sign of my AF and is was due thurs remember, im holding off testing till monday if it hasnt shown up before then, im too scared to test too just like u incase i get a BFN?!?!

    if we are both lucky we could be preg stop it now as i dont wana get hopes up!
    let us kno as soon as you test!!!
  • I'm testing in the morning,so fingers crossed!x
  • I know i hope we are so we can be pg buddies! They'd be due days apart! Ok im getting carried away! Maybe we are late developers! LMAO! I was so sure urs was gonna be bfp though! Do u have any symptoms yet or pmt or pg?
    Yea i would definalty think that and id have to test tmw anyway. my oh is making me test tmw i made a bet with him that if af doesnt show today then test tmw! xx
  • Good luck then,lets hope it's a bfp!x
  • ohhh cant wait to see ur result 2mz, if i WAS pg id be due 19th march 2009!!!! the baby would be a picies, is that the correct spelling? starsign? boobs just hurt and iv noticed increased cm for last few days???maybe could be due to af due tho???
    do u have symptoms?
  • sooooo did anyone test yet????
  • Ive had cramps and a sicky feeling for a week, only nipples not boobs hurt since tuesday! I just checked and mine would be due 21 march! is that aires starsign? Im not testing till the morning! xx
  • ohhh good luck, im so excited for the both of us!!!!
    hubby text me today when i was in the salon getting my nails done and it just said...............we might be pregnent!!!
    hahah, i was beaming!!!
    u seem to have more signs than me hun, u sound more promising to get ur BFP than me!
  • Yea but i think signs mean nothing! Coz my eary test was bfn and im sure if ur having signs then it would show up on the test but alas no! Good luck to both of us, ill log on at work on monday to see urs, thats what i did on thursday hope we both are! xxx
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