Feeling sorry for myself :(

Hi ladies, feeling sorry for myself today.
Am 9DPO and tested this morn, have no idea why as i knew it would be BFN but temptation got the better of me.
Kind of lost my PMA now and have been feeling down all day.
Think im due AF 26/05, so next weds but think i OV'd on a tues.
Have had symptoms but then when im feeling down i think im just being stupid and imagining it all.
Then on the other hand i think maybe i am pg as im very emotional, started crying today for no reason, a lady at work asked what was wrong with me and i was like i dont actually know!! lol.
God i hate this waiting, just need to know now. I think cause i fell pg on my 1st attempt with my last 2 pg's that im expecting the same with this one. Really hope im lucky this time round.

Just needed to get this little groan out my system lol.
Nobody else understands at all.


  • Hi Em-Lou, didnt want to R+R.

    Keep up your PMA girlie...9DPO is very early, BFP's sometimes don't show until 19DPO or even later...its not over til the evil witch shows her face image

    Hope you feel better soon xx
  • Yep that's very early hun!

    Your bean could just be implanting. It takes a while for your hormones to increase for a BFP so fingers crossed!
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