What do all these things mean?

Ok i have read some posts on here and I am so lost?? All this lingo and I have no idea what the hell it means LOL

BPN - I think is big fat negative , is that right?

Whats all the rest mean?? DOP? 2ww? and ew something i am lost could somebody help as it would make reading these posts so much easier.

K xxx


  • hi hun
    BFN big fat negative yes
    DPO days past ovulation
    2ww 2 week wait(the 14 days after ovulation when waiting to see if AF(aunt flo, aka period arrive or BFP big fat positive on a HPT home pregnancy test)
    Hope this helps will try and bump lingo for you.
    Filo x
  • hee hee thank you so much i was sooo lost whats cm as well and there is another one where a lady said she haa a lot of stringy ew something or the other??

    K x
  • CM is the embarrassing one. Cervical Mucus. Can't even believe I'm writing that at work!
  • oh...erm....right thanks LOL

    K-lou xx
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