Anything Else ... ???

Hi guys !

Well, thanks to your good advice - I went and got my first box of Folic Acid today !!!

Is there anything else I should be doing/taking in order to "prepare" myself (or H2B) for ttc ??



  • Dont drink to excess, dont smoke and basically try and make sure your as fit and healthy as possible! Good luck, hope you get your bfp soon hun xxx
  • its really down to personal choice!

    i take a multivit as well as FA, and my other half is on Zinc & Maca.
    are you ttc now?
  • There are supplements for H2B too, if he wanted to take them, Zinc. Also no hot baths for H2B! Try to keep it as relaxed as you can (easier said than done!) xx
  • Not yet, in about 12 weeks (we get married on 22 Aug and then want to start ttc stright away).

    I already take a multi vit and omega oils ... my oh doesn't take anything tho ...
  • I might get him some zinc ... thanks girls.
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