Clearblue Monitor Users - No peak (again)

I am on month 3 of using the CBFM and got no peak on month 1, got a peak last month, and again, this month, just days and days of highs (now on day 26 of a 33 day cycle).
Perhaps I had a anovulatoy cycle. But my breasts feel huge and tender and have had for the last week, not like I have ever experienced before. Is it possible to fall pregnant with no peak??
There's no point testing yet as it will be too early...but, is there no chance I could be pregnant and I am just getting my hopes up for nothing?
You can be brutal... image


  • Well... no wish to be brutal or get your hopes up! But I have a friend who had a similar experience with her ovulation tests, and then the next month tested three times throughout the day. She then detected a high in the morning, followed by a peak on her early evening test, then a high again late at night. So... you might have had your peak, but it happened quickly and between the tests...?
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