Has anyone seen my AF anywhere?!?

Hi all!!

Haven't been on here for a few days - been too busy so just about to have a little catch up read now.

Having such a strange and frustrating time at the moment. DH and I did SMEP in December and AF should have been due last Thursday at latest (day 34 of a 33/34 day cycle) but there is still no sign at all. Thought I may have ovulated slightly late this month so AF may have been due last Sat but nothing. I had AF type cramps from about 20th Dec until 30th so I was sure she was on her way - I even woke up a few mornings thinking she had arrived but when I checked I was bone dry (sorry TMI!!). I tested last Tues, Thurs, yesterday and today but all BFN.

Any ideas?? I know there are a few girls here with their AFs AWOL at the moment. Just want her to come so I can start SMEPing again. Grrrr! :\?

Thanks for listening,



  • Im a bit in the same boat, 11 days late and its driving me crazy. I really dont feel preg or have any symptoms so i just want to get on to trying again. Jan is already written off for me so im just cross now!

    This is dumb, but can you tell by CM if AF is on the way or not? Could you maybe do that? Ive been trying to find stuff online about what CM should be like but im finding so much contradictory stuff im gonna give up!

    Do you think you might be preg? Do you feel anything, or do you just think she's late now?
  • hi wisher and homefairy - i am in the same boat. potentailly 3 days late at the mo (although this is my first month off the pill, so not sure how long my cycles are)
    anyway, i have symptoms - but think they might be to do with being off pill for first month.
    two BFNs - last friday and this monday morning.
    i agree, just wish she should show her face, so i can get on with next month!
    not even sure if i OVd this month, so CM - so bought pre-seed (esque) stuff for next month. also OV tests. wanna get on with it. xx
  • Scrap my post girls - I've only gone and found her this morning!!
    Homefairy - I too am confused about the CM info - all I read seems to be different, it's just confusing me! Well I worked out that the af pains I was having may have been ovulation pains as they were almost exactly 2 weeks ago - so at least this month I kind of know what to look for when I'm ovulating. I'm going to write down any pains etc that I get this month so that if I don't get my BFP at least I will have a better idea of what is going on with my body.

    LivvyS - My periods have been all over the place since I came off the pill in May. My cycles have been 34,39,54,33,33 and now 38!! I thought that my body had finally sorted itself and I would be having 33 day cycles - obviously not! Don't worry too much about the irregular cycles at the moment as the pill really can mess the body for a while. I know how frustrating it is when you don't know where you are.

    This month I am going to try to do SMEP again and BD every other day - I think I may know when to do the 3 BD days this time so this month I WILL get my bfp in time for Valentine's day (with these stupid long cycles!)!!! PMA!!

    Good luck girls!x
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