hot sex

ok ive just been reading an article which claims:


its says if you are ttc the answer lies in spicing up your sex life. they recommend that you have sex as wild as when you first met. Make sure youre both satisfied as better sex boosts sperm quality and stronger orgasms in women fertilisation of the egg more likely.

just thought id share;\);\)


  • Sounds good to me hehe

  • What a title, bet this will get a few views!!

    Well it's a chore but i think we should all give it a go ;\)
  • yep gotta be worth a try ;P
  • Flipping heck, that's a tall order when you're doing it 5 times a week over ov! I'm exhausted just reading it!x x x
  • Can't believe I'm going to admit to this but given my own experience I think this may be true. We'd been not trying to not get pregnant (if you know know what I mean) for a while after our wedding then one day day DH brought home a rabbit to have a play with (as in the fun type rather than the fluffy type!) we used it twice and lo and behold I was pregnant!!

    I'd say it's true ;\)

    (a blushing) mrs_ed

    PS I hope you don't mind me posting on your forum
  • Sorry to gatecrash but I think this may have been the thing that worked for us!! Did nothing else different apart from really spice it up on month 6 ttc and here I am 36+3 days pregnant!!

    Good Luck! Oh and have fun trying out this method!! haha

  • Well we broke the bed and got our BFP...image

  • ooh girls thank you for gatecrashing. it may well be right then.

    mafia princess thats what i was thinking. i am so shattered this month. i thought i had ovd earlier in the month but turns out it is only today so we have had 2 marathons this but i feel we may have to give it a go tonight just for one last
  • lol pumpkin pie i forgot about that. you really are proof that it
  • woop woop good idea! Sounds like i either get new toys or break something if this mnth ends up out..either way= fun image xx
  • oh well guess il have to take one for the team oh well its a tuff life :lol:

    now just how to do that with a 2 yr old in the house lol
  • Is there any other type of sex??? haha!

    To the preggers ladies dont be daft we love to hear from ya'll! xxxx
  • lol mrstil. i still like to think my sexlife is quite hot but have to say when it gets to the end of the babymaking marathon im starting to run out of steam. or maybe thats coz ive ended up with a full bloody month of it coz of my mixup with

    grudie lol, and i agree its quite hard with a 2 year old in the house. we have had a couple nights to ourselves recently when my mum has had her so have taken full
  • Our bed has started to creak this week after lots of UPSI and I hurt my shoulder in the heat of the momentimage

    PS I rode out the pain! x
  • haha - what a funny post! I was quite filthy the month I got my BFP with my son.. Put it this way - we weren't doing it missionary...image x
  • good for you mrs a. you need to do it for the
  • No pain, no game x
  • oh well guess il have to take one for the team oh well its a tuff life

    now just how to do that with a 2 yr old in the house lol

    Do they do kiddie earplugs grudie :lol:

    Just to say it worked for us too image
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