Out the game for little while

Well thats me out for a while. Got af this morning and as my husband started Chemotherapy last week we aren't allowed to try again for 2 months. (the treatment can cause defects) We have to wait 6 months to find out if his sperm count even returns to normal as there is a good chance it won't. We are going to try in the four months in between anyways, it can't hurt hey! After that we will pray it returns to normal but have banked sperm just incase and will try iui and ivf if needed.
I'm not too upset, my husband is going through the mill at the mo and he is on the mend now which is making me happier than anything. He should just about be back on his feet by Christmas day and able to put the cancer behind him and enjoy Christmas with our gorgeous 16month old. We are lucky in so many ways I don't feel hard done by at all and Im sure baby n02 will battle into the world if its meant to be.
The very best of luck to you all, I will still pop on if its okay, the succes stories give me hope and I love to read others stories - hopefully with hapy endings for all image
Merry Christmas everyone


  • all the best for the future chick im sure everything will work itself xx

    Merry Christmas and a heppy new year to you xx
  • Ah sorry AF got you but so pleased your husband is starting to feel better. Hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas together, and I'm sure baby no2 will come along in 2010 : ) Definitely stick around and keep us updated with how everything is going.

    Merry Christmas.x.
  • I hope everything goes ok for him, at times like this you realise who really matters and TTC suddenly seems minor. You will get that lil bean soon and you can both be a wonderful mummy and daddy without the stresses of chemo.

    Good Luck and stick around!!! xx
  • thanks girls, exactly, I am just pleased he is getting better, in a wierd way the pressure is off for a while to which feels good, we can relax a bit and enjoy Christmas image
  • hi hun, hope all goes wel for hubby and hope you dont have to wait to long for that bfp when you start trying again.xxxxxxxxxx
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