For missy moo and Baby-Princess...

Hi Girls I saw you both lost your beans this weekend too. I am so so so sorry for you both. I lost mine Saturday night, I only found out last Monday I had my bfp - now a bfn. It was early for all of us but I feel devastated as I know you both do. :cry:

I wanted to just say we must carry on and not give up on ours dreams girls. I am up and down right now as I know you must be too and if you want to talk I'm here. I have said several times this weekend I don't know if I can do it anymore but I know I will and I know if we do we will get our miracles.

I am due to go to the docs today or tomorrow, I am waiting for them to call me back. They mentioned some further testing as I had a mmc in Jan this year too at 11w. Not sure what will come out of it. I guess they will also check my hcg levels but I know I have mc as there was alot of pain and clots overnight Saturday.

This really sucks, but we'll get through it - we have to.........


  • Hope all 3 of you are okay and don't forget we are all here for you on TTC!

    Big hugs and kisses, H x
  • What a lovely message, it's so heartbreaking and cruel to be so happy then to be so unbelievebly sad. I'm going to the Doctors on Thursday and I'm going to be strong and insist I get a referel to the recurrant miscarriage or fertility unit. It's my third mc, and they keep conning me off with the fact I'm 25 and "got plenty of time" but that doesn't make my heartbreak and pain any less. So I'm to keep losing beans until I'm 30 when they will take notice??!! All I've had is twenty one say bloods and that was after my mc in November! Xxx
  • Oh bp, I would make sure you get something done when you go this Thursday. I hope they listen to you this time. My nurse this morning said something about them doing some genetic tests although I am not sure what that would consist of at this point for me. I will let you know if I get more info on that and maybe you could ask for the same thing.

    Good luck hun. We'll get through this again. Let me know how you're doing and feel free to rant.
  • Yeah they said that sometimes peoples dna just don't go together so the beany just aborts itself or something like that x
  • Hhhmm, Well in Jan I didn't have my mmc until 11w so I wouldn't think it was that with me, I wonder what tests she is meaning then :\?

    I guess I will find out.
  • No idea. I may be wrong, that might be something else. Good luck At th doctors xx
  • Hi Girls, how are you feeling today. I am feeling a little better after my visit to the docs, everything has cleared out naturally so at least I don't have to go through a D&C again or anything else! I am due to go back tomorrow for repeat bloods and to see the doc who said they will start to look into my mc's.

    BP - I saw your other thread, will they repeat your bloods in a few days?
  • No idea, I'm going to the doctors on Thursday to see what they say
    glad you don't need a d and c. Will u start trying again straight away? X
  • I am hesitant as this is exhausting but I said that to dh and he said well let's leave it this month, of course I said no! So I guess there is my answer - yes we'll continue trying! :\)
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