Please will someone slap me!!!!

I can't stop symptom spotting this morning!!!!
Realistically because of the timing of insemination this month I don't think I have a chance of being pregnant but I have a sore left boob (its always the left feels more, is bigger and produced more milk when I had G) its more sore than its been for a long long time (but I had it with the chem pg in september 08). I feel a bit nauseous but can put that down to being tired after my nightshift on friday and broken sleep. I have been into work this morning to collect something and it smelled like a hospital!!! This may sound bizarre but working there you get used to the smell and don't notice it!
Oh and I kept having hot flushes during the night-again I had these with the chem pg!
This is driving me mad. Please bring me back down to earth ladies. I'm only 11dpo today and will not test until shes late but with my variable cycle that'll be friday!


  • I know how you feel hjanea, I am 9dpo and I have been having serious heartburn!! Lets try and stay calm as we will go crazy!!I am also going to test next weekend if af doesn't arrive on thursday!! hope we get a bfp xx
  • ok il slap ya but im secretly having everything crossed of you.....apart from my legs lol anything possible is crossed lol
  • ok il slap ya but im secretly having everything crossed of you.....apart from my legs lol anything possible is crossed lol
  • aww hun everything crossed. im 11/12dpo today as well, i really thought i was out for this month but over the last couple of days my symptoms have changed to positive ones so i will be testing thursday.

    like grudie says we could slap you but hoping that you are right.xxxxxxxxxxx
  • There's nothing wrong with a bit of hope and PMA ladies. Good luck :\) xx
  • Oh Helen, i realy hope this is it for you, you so deserve your bfp!! Im keeping everything crossed for you! Good luck hun. xxxxx
  • fingers crossed for you Helen! x
  • Thanks everyone but a slap might have brought me back to earth!LOL!!!
    Hey Debbie-happy new year! How are you?
  • Hi Helen, Happy New year to you too!
    Im not too bad thanks, jus waiting for AF too show, i think its going to be a very long cycle, im on cd38!!! How are you holding up, i bet your still itching to test. lol. I sooo want you to get your bfp, i know how hard it is being one of the last few on here still left waiting! Ive got a really good feeling about you so im keeping everything crossed! Good luck xxxxxx
  • Hi Helen

    G/C as I see this on the front page.

    Good luck hun ive got my fingers crossed for you.
    Hope you are ok. Im always looking on here to see if you get your bfp, I havent forgotten you or debbiemc.

    Sending big hugs to you both (((((((((()))))))))))
    Take care xx
    Toyah 18+2 with a blue bump xx
  • *SLAP* what the lady wants, the lady gets!!!! image

    Now my fingers are crossed it is your BFP eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee image xxx
  • ooooh slap and fingers crossed for you!
    I lost my bean at 11 weeks image been very bad and tried again before first AF as had strong ov pains and time is not on my side!! So I'm NOT going to ss as I've convinced myself that all symptoms are left over from mc... that will last til this weekend if I'm lucky!!
  • Aww thank you wifey2479, thats very sweet of you! I cant believe how far along you are already, hoe time flys!! Good luck and happy new year! xxx
    Hi seraphina, im sooo sorry to hear about your mc, life can be so unfair!!
    I dont blame you for wanting to try straight away because like you time is not on my side either (43 in feb!!) I wish you all the best for 2010 and a super, sticky bean, good luck xxxx
    Sorry Helen for highjacking your thread!! xxxxx
  • Good Luck Debbie and Hjanea. I still check in on you girlies. Happy New Year xxx
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