Hello I'm newish

Hi, have never been in this particular part of the forums before. I want two babies close together as its just what i want blah blah thought alot about it and stuff. So didn't take any contraception after my little one was born 8 months ago, and I still haven't fell pregnant. It's not that I'm desperate for a baby I'm just scared I can't have kids again?? Am i weird?? I believe that when a baby does come its meant to be and theres no such thing as the wrong time. I'm in a good settled home and can afford another baby and feel strong enough to cope, I'm not particulary trying but when it happens I'll gracefully accept it but every month when my period comes I just get that bit more worried that I'm infertile. Ieven though I've had a baby I know there can be secondry problems. I might be being abit extreme is anyone else experiencing the same type of thing? will be nice to hear from other people. thanks, mand xx


  • Hello and welcome!!

    i don't think you are bad as you obviously do want this!! I can't say i have been through the same as i am trying for my 1st, but I can understand how frustrated you must be!! I am sure it will all be fine though!! Don't forget lots of factors can influence it all - stress etc etc.

    Good luck and share it all with us!!


  • Try not to worry too much - like immense says, stress can affect such things.

    Depending on your age, why not pop in to see your doc or nurse and voice your concerns?

    Good luck!
  • Hi Snowhite,
    I'm having a similar thing as are many on this forum. We decided to to try for #1 and I fell pg first try, now 3yrs later we're trying for #2 and I'm on month 7 with not even a sniff of a bfp.
    I've talked to my doc and he said after 30 (i'm 32) there is only a 15-20% chance each month. So it's better to time your bd'ing to get the maximum chance each month.
    You're not still breastfeeding are you? max xxx
  • Im not breat feeding and Im 19, I dont drink but I smoke, but not excessively. I am going to wait til 1 year and if I still haven't conceived I will see a doctor, I just think that they will laugh at me if I go now, because its only been 8 months, well really 7 cos i didnt really do it straight after the little one was born lol! I have been really ill also recently I have got some thing wrong with my brain and had several operations. Maybe thats another reason why? they did say though it should not interefer at all with conceiving. I'm 1 day late but took a pregnancy test yesterday and was negative. Hmm, I jsut dont know, xx
  • Ahhh hun maybe your body is just not ready for another pg yet?? Nature is cleverer than we think and as you say when baby comes it will be the right time.
    hope you feel well soon, sending you sticky babydust xxx
  • thanks imageimage i'll let you guys know anyway. i believe everything happens for a reason and if someone was to tell me, 'theres nothing to worry about you and your partner can have kids!' i would be able to chill and rest. just my stupid mind i guess, thanks anyway i'll let yous know and good luck and will be wishing and praying for you all who are trying!! xxxx
  • Hello there,
    I'm just starting TTC my second and I keep worrying that we won't manage it. I have NO evidence to support this at all, but it keeps popping into my head and freaking me out. I would also just like to know that we CAN do it (my oh has never fathered a child) then I can relax and just enjoy it.
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