Hey CBL's

af came this morn, terrible cramps today image but atleast im back to 6th of the month which means im gonna BD every other day as from CD10!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  • Oh honey i am soooo sorry yoru af found you!!
    Yay though you can come with me into june woo hoo. Now we just have to wait for Fiona?

    K xx
  • fi came on too honey image a couple of days ago, didnt u c her post? looking at yr big bro post im obbsessed and i loved it yest LOL, there are some knobs though!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxx
  • oh no image i never saw that where was I?? could of been on the day I was off work sick.

    At least we are all together woo hoo. i love the picture by the way sooooo cute!!

    Who seems nice and who seems horrid only going to start watching tonight?

    k xx
  • well theres 2 girls called sylvia and alexandra who seemed really horrid and arrigant (spelling!!!) on there interviews but ok in the house, one guy who is gorgeous but loves him self and is a complete tosser, a sweet little thai lady, but reckon she'll b annoying!! a few glamour girls and a gay dancer who looks pretty annoying!!! gotta watch it though to see there real personalities

    yea its a cute pic isnt it little izz with the doggy boys!!!! LOL

    The CBL's back 4 another month, imagine if we all got pg in the same month that'd b so cool!!! xxxx
  • It would be sooo cool image how amazing would that be we could all go through the same thing together hee hee just to make us even more crazy hee hee.

    Ahh i am gutted though you girls came on. I am on CD7 now and still not sure if i have finished? Did you see my posts about my bleeding and stopping after sex?

    k xx
  • Hiya girls!!!!!!

    oh no sorry af found you babe, but im glad were all together again.

    Im on cd3 and cant wait to get started again. Were going to try to BD from cd10 to 25 EVERY day! now thats crazy hehe
    Ive started my EPO again and still taking pregnacare (spent so much money on them so far)
    Im also dieting and exercising just to lose that little bit before getting pg.

    I watched big bro last night, i have a love hate relationship with it, i hate that i waste my time watchin it but i get so addicted.

    you still bleeding K?
    Hope you're not suffering T?

    luv ya
  • Hi darling wow thats a lot of bding LOL I wanted to start bding from CD10 as well just to cover it all.

    I am sooo down though I have pains in my belly and I have not bleed since yesterday which even then was only a small bit. I am just worried I will bd'd again and then bleed??

    Also my cm is like creamy but it;s got a brown tint to it, it;s not brown anymore but looks clear as well and some parts are stringy???? not loads and I would sat about half an inch???

    I am so confused and upset. i have looked up this and can't find anything for it. Do you think i have finished.

    K xx
  • You're probably having a longer more painful bleed because you're not on the pill. I think its really normal and I know i wasnt on pill but after having coil out I was so shocked at how heavy long and painful my afs were but it will calm down im sure. the brown bits in cm is still blood or old blood coming out i dont think there is anything to worry about hunny. I would leave it a few more days before BD then see if you still bleed after and if so go to dr. xx
  • Thank you honey the pain is not too bad and it;s not even like i am bleeding anymore it;s nothing really the last time i bleed was thursday morning about 3am and that was just a little bit i have not bleed for the last two days.
    I am more worried about bding again though and then bleeding as I will then have to wait for doctors app and i should be OV next week i just don;t want to miss out this month you know.

    k xx
  • All I can suggest is BD and see?! good luck x
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