CD80! :(

Hi ladies

Well i'm now on CD 80 of my 2nd cycle since coming off the pill. I am so fed up. I have had 4 sessions of acupuncture and got my 5th session tomorrow. When is something going to happen??! :\?

I have been charting and now have filled up 2 whole pages for this cycle - they give you 40 days per sheet as that should be the maximum of one cycle. :\( Had the tiniest amount of ewcm on saturday and this morning, but already had a load of ewcm a few weeks ago but temperature didn't rise and got BFN 2 weeks after. Just BD'ing lots in the vain hope that i might ovulate at some point and catch it.

I can't stand this any more. I came off the pill in January and thought I'd be pregnant by now :cry:

Sorry PMA seems to have disappered today.


  • Oh honey i am sooo sorry babe. How many days was your first cyc after you came off the pill? Was it a normal af?

    k XX
  • Oh chick, that sucks image I know what you mean about thinking you'd be pregnant by now - I came off the pill at the end of Sept, though didn't start ttc till after Christmas, but I didn't think it would take this long either image

    What has your Doc said? When can you go back to see them? I am keeping my fingers crossed for you buddy x x
  • Oh bless you moomin! I cant imagine how you must be feeling right now. Prob a stupid question, but have you seen your gp. I know some of them can be uleless fools, but some of the ladies on here do have some success with them? There may be some tests or something that they can do?#

    Hope you get af soon, and that your cycle regulates itself, it must be horribly upsetting for you. Good luck, and take care x
  • You poor thing! It is so, so, so annoying. I do understand as am in same position.

    Any luck with the docs?

    Keep your chin up. And keep up the BD - it'll mean you catch it when it happens and should cheer you up!
  • hi ladies thanks for the replies. My first cycle was 51 days and yes it was a normal AF, but I dont think i ovulated though. I assumed the second cycle would be shorter than the first - how wrong was i?!
    I haven't been to my docs yet because I just assumed they'd turn me away so soon after coming off the pill - do you think I should go?
  • I would if it were me, but my doc is pretty good. If it is a large practice try and get a female doc. They are generally more symathetic to our cause! It cant hurt to try? x
  • Yes! I've just been after coming off Pill in March (although I fibbed to the doc and said Feb). Going for blood tests on Wednesday for various hormones and for thyroid.

    Go! You've got nothing to lose.
  • Oh Flush that is encouraging. Right that's it I'm booking an appointment!!! I don't think there are any female doctors at my surgery Babybump4, but my usual GP is very nice. never had to go about this kind of thing before though so I don't know what he'll be like, but i'll soon find out hopefully!
  • Mine was a man too. And he was fine (apart from telling me that I'm underweight even though my medical records show I've always been this weight and it never effected my periods before!).

    Go for it!
  • Good for you! Just knowing that you are starting the ball rolling will make you feel better Im sure! Good luck, let us know how it goes x
  • Right it's booked for tomorrow at 4.20pm. I'll let you know how it goes.
    Flush that's annoying that they told you you're underweight - sometimes i think doctors latch onto the easiest thing - smoking, drinking, diet and stress seem to be the favourites - blame everything on those! However I don't smoke, don't drink that much, not stressed (other than fed up about this!) and diet is good (most of the time!). Poss could lose a bit of weight, but I think i'm still in the healthy range. We'll see what they say...
    Thanks for the encouragement ladies, I probably wouldn't have booked this appointment if it wasn't for you image
  • Thanks Babybump - I thought it might depress me but actually feel I've done something positive and that I can stop worrying about it until the test results come back.

    The doc was helpful in that he did say if it was a thyroid problem, it can be solved easily (and you get free prescriptions for life too) and that there are drugs for kick-starting ovulation if I need to go down that route.

    I hope it doesn't come to that but am pleased to be taken seriously.
  • Moomin, don't worry too much about the weight thing. I am seriously overweight, but the doc has told me as I have OV pain each month I should have no probs, even though I do need to diet.

    Good luck x x
  • Thanks Gypsy
    Good luck to you too - can't believe we're both still in this forum! we'll move to the pg forum soon - how's that for PMA?!
  • Well done for making that appointment! Let me know how you get on.

    We can compare notes! Hope you get ordered for blood test too. Or that the test show we're both pregnant. That would be best of all!
  • that would be great wouldn't it!!!! I thought I'll do a test in the morning, because they'll no doubt ask me if i'm sure i'm not already pg. That would be fantastic - i can but dream...
  • glad to hear you've made an appointment, i'm sure i've read somewhere that if you've not had a af for 3 mths then they advise you to see your doc, so i think with your first cycle being so long and this one, i think they should be able to do something to help you!!!

    i really thought we would all be over in pg forum by now!! but at least we're not alone and do have each other to talk to!!!

    keep ups posted honey!!
  • Okay, let's all get over to the pg forum - but together, yeah?image
  • Yes definitely lets all move over together! I am feeling much more positive just from booking that docs appointment. He'd better be nice to me and put me forward for tests....!!!
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