Have you ever been given Progesterone to bring on AF??

Just in the last 12/18 months I have had REALLY long cycles currently on CD69 the longest I have had is 105 days or thereabouts. Anyway was at my doc this morning for scan results for another thing & she asked about AF said if I don't bleed soon then she will put me on progesterone for 10 days then stop it to bring on AF.

My question is why? Whats the point? Like how will that solve the problem, surely one dose of progesterone wont miraculously shorten me cycles? Does that mean that everytime my cycle gets long I'll have to take this? & what about OV? Sure if she gives me this before OV I'll never bloody ovulate!! I should have asked her all this but I was rushing to get back to work & it was off the track of why I was actually there! Im pretty sure I OV last week anyway so AF due next thurs/fri but if not successful I'm questioning this for future months cause im pretty sure we haven't done it, BD say on the Tues but not Wed then I was away for OV day which I think was thurs but coulda been fri!



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